Materials and Design

Volumes 284-286

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ji Xiong Liu, Tao Huang, Yun Guan, Da Jun Feng

Abstract: In order to further understand the relationship between technology and metallographic microstructure for the large-scale production of...

Authors: Cai Jun Zhang, Yan Lei Bi, Hong Jie Zhang, Jie Yang

Abstract: According to actual circumstance of Tang Shan ferritic stainless Steel Company, making use of some scene technology parameter and referring...

Authors: Li Na Liu, Xiu Li Han, Chang Cun Li, Jie Li

Abstract: Microstructure and quality of sinter of Sijiaying iron ore were studied systematically by means of optical microscope. Results show that the...

Authors: Quan Shui Chen, Xiao Dong Liu, Guang Yuan Ren, Pan Yi Liang, Hui Ma

Abstract: Yttrium Aluminium Garnet (YAG) has a extensive applications in many fields because of its excellent properties. In this study the products...

Authors: Qian Ping Wang, Xiang Xiong Guo, Wei Hua Wu, Shu Xian Liu

Abstract: Superfine Ag2WO4 antibacterial powders, which are prepared by supersonic assisted homogeneous precipitation method, is...

Authors: Guang Yuan Ren, Quan Shui Chen, Tai An Luo

Abstract: According to the conceptual model of high-level radioactive waste (HLW) geological disposal, first, HLW is carried out solidification...

Authors: Bai Sheng Nie, Ru Ming Zhang, Xue Qiu He, Xiang Chun Li, Hui Wang, Sheng Rui Zhai

Abstract: Explosion suppression and isolation apparatus act as the last barrier to minimize casualties and property loss. Regrettably, the present...

Authors: Sen Wang, Zhi Hui Li, Xin Liu, Huan Zhang

Abstract: The effect of Yb2O3 addition on sintering of MgO ceramics was studied in this work. Increasing of...

Authors: Shao Yun Shan, Qing Ming Jia, Ya Ming Wang, Jin Hui Peng

Abstract: High-porosity silicon nitride ceramics with excellent mechanical properties were fabricated by the carbothermal reduction of...

Authors: Pin Yi Chen, Cheng Sao Chen, Chen Chia Chou, Tseung Yuen Tseng, Haydn Chen

Abstract: Second phase and defect formation mechanism of (Bi0.5(Na1-xKx)0.5)TiO3 (BNKT100x)...


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