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Authors: Zhi You Liao, Hai Chuan Wang, Peng Hong, Xin Li, Shi Jun Wang, Jie Li
Iron and Steel
Abstract:It can reduce the grain boundary segregation effectively, and improve the solidification microstructure, as well as cause the migration and...
Authors: Qiang Li, Xin Hua Wang, Hai Bo Li
Iron and Steel
Abstract:For high grade pipeline steel, elimination of Al2O3 inclusions can improve the susceptibility of hydrogen-induced...
Authors: Mei Bao Chen, Yu Rong Jiang
Iron and Steel
Abstract:It is impossible to keep pipelines free from defects in the manufacturing, installation and servicing processes. In this paper, pre-tension...
Authors: Guo Zhang Tang, Zhen Gao, Yan Chang Kong, Kun Ouyang, Fu Min Li
Iron and Steel
Abstract:The reduction of different basicity BF charge with gases of different H2 ratio has been determined to simulate different BF...
Authors: Xiao Dong Shao
Iron and Steel
Abstract:The use of high strength line pipe steels is beneficial for the reduction the cost of gas transmission pipelines by enabling high pressure...
Authors: Ye Sun, Zhan Xia Di, Hai Feng Li, Zhi Guo Luo, Zong Shu Zou
Iron and Steel
Abstract:The freeboard, which is an important region in COREX melter gasifier, has drawn more and more attentions, and as a key parameter for COREX...
Authors: Yu Sun, Hai Yan Zheng, Jian Hong Dong, Feng Man Shen
Iron and Steel
Abstract:A new, high efficient comprehensive utilization technology with non-pollution, low energy consumption, and strong feedstock adaptability is...
Authors: Xue Li Tao, Kai Ming Wu, Xiang Liang Wan
Iron and Steel
Abstract:The effect of Nb microalloying on microstructure transformation of coarse-grained heat-affected zone of high strength low alloy steels were...
Authors: Hai Li Yang, Guo Zhang Tang, Yun Gang Li, Jun Long Li, Yuan Ming Hiu, Yu Zhu Zhang
Iron and Steel
Abstract:High silicon steel containing 6.5 wt% Si was prepared by pulse electrodepositon in KCl-NaCl-NaF-SiO2 molten salt followed by...
Authors: Xiao Lei Zhou, Zhi Guo Luo, Li Hao Han, Zong Shu Zou, Ai Bing Yu
Iron and Steel
Abstract:A physical thermal model was established in this study, and the gas temperature in the model was measured with temperature sensors under...
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