Materials and Design

Volumes 284-286

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fei Fei Wang, Li Li

Abstract: In order to improve the corrosion resistance of Nd-Fe-B, the new technological process is done which involves electroplating Ni–P alloys...

Authors: An Shun Cheng, Yue Lin Huang, Chung Ho Huang, Tsong Yen

Abstract: The study aims to research the effect of the particle size of fly ash on the compressive strength and fracture toughness of high performance...

Authors: Jian Min Wang, Yan Li, Hong Xia Wang, Xue Yang Deng, Heng Feng Fan, Guo Qing Liu, Qiang Xia

Abstract: The CoQ10-NLC aqueous dispersion has been produced and its antioxidative properties have been explored. Several employed methods such as...

Authors: Kun Xia Wei, Wei Wei, Qing Bo Du, Jing Hu

Abstract: Usually the heat treatment in the cyclic ARB passes is indispensable to reduce work-hardening effects and improve interface bonding quality....

Authors: Lan Lin Zou, Xing Lin Zhou

Abstract: In order to analyze the impact of anchor length, ends anchorage measures, strength of concrete, shear-span ratio, reinforcement ratio and...

Authors: Peng Wang, Jing Lv, Lian Hai Wang, Qiang Ma, Xin He Zhu

Abstract: This paper adopts wet method to prepare serpentine particles on the planetary ball mill, executes lipophilic degree tests and friction and...

Authors: Bin Wang, Fu Bo Gu, Dong Mei Han, Guang Sheng Guo

Abstract: In(OH)3 and InOOH were prepared through a simple hydrothermal method at different volume ratios of En and H2O....

Authors: Qi Guan Wang, Su Min Wang, Jian Ping Li, Hiroshi Moriyama

Abstract: Polyaniline–C60 nanoshuttle composites have been successfully synthesized by the oxidative polymerization of aniline with...

Authors: Ya Juan Cheng, Xue Chen Duan, Yang Lin Liu, Bo Jiang, Gui Ying Xiao, Zhi Chao Zhou

Abstract: Indium tin oxide (ITO) nanopowders with high crystalline were synthesized by a simple solvothermal method with isopropanol as the selected...

Authors: Jin Hai Liu, Guo Lu Li, Xue Bo Zhao, Xiao Yan Hao

Abstract: The influence of residual magnesium on compact graphite rate and characteristic of thermal analysis curve was studied by fading of magnesium...


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