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Authors: Li Li Wang, Jin Chen, Guang Cheng Yang, Fu De Nie
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:A carbonate precursor with high sintering activity was prepared by co-precipitation method under ultrasonic radiation. This precursor...
Authors: You Li Feng, Li Jing Yu
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:The natural carbon nanotubes(CNTs) have been found in the Sujiquan graphite ore deposit and the high resolution transmission electronic...
Authors: Li Qing, Yu Chao
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:The aim of the present paper is that, utilizing finite element method, considering the influence of different length of CNTs and different...
Authors: Bei Zhang, Yan Hui Zhong, Tao Wang, Fu Ming Wang
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:Dielectric constant is the most important material property which ground penetrating radar(GPR) data reflects. Based on experiment, through...
Authors: Jun Xiang, Guang Zhen Zhou, Yan Qiu Chu, Xiang Qian Shen
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:One-dimensional Co0.5Zn0.5Fe2O4 nanostructures (nanofibers) with an average diameter of 154 nm...
Authors: Wen Guo Xu, Cheng Xiang Ma, Shi Xiang Lu, Lian Dai, Hai Feng Zhang
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:ZnO was prepared using zinc acetate dehydrate (Zn(CH3COO)2·2H2O) and lithium hydroxide monohydrate...
Authors: Zan Wang, Lei Quan, Yi Wu Ruan
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:A Monte Carlo method is employed to investigate the properties of electron transport with considerations of electron-phonon scattering...
Authors: Chun Xia Zhao, Yun Xia Yang, Wen Chen, Paul A. Webley, Xiao Yu Li, Jin Qiao Cao, Jing Jing Du
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:Ordered high surface area microporous carbon molecular sieves containing well-dispersed platinum nanoparticles have been prepared by chemical...
Authors: Yi Sun, Xiao Yi Shen, Yu Chun Zhai
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:Ultrafine ZnO powder was synthesized by precipitation method, using zinc sulfate and aqueous ammonium carbonate as raw material and...
Authors: Jun Du, Ping Zhang, Xiao Ying Zhu, Zhi Hai Cai
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:ZrAlN/Cu coating has been deposited onto Ti-6Al-4V substrates by reactive magnetron sputtering. The morphology of films was investigated by...
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