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Authors: Hui Xu, Li Feng Zhang, Qiu Xiang Zhang, Shi Jin Ding, David Wei Zhang
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:The reactively sputtered HfO2 and HfSixOy dielectrics have been investigated comparatively for...
Authors: Jing Jing Liu, Cai Li, Yi Qiang Mu, Dong Sheng Li
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:Hollow TiO2 nanospheres have been successfully prepared by templating the polymericmicelles of poly...
Authors: Jian Hua Du, Yuan Yuan Li, Xiao Hui Zheng
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:The Cu-based friction materials with nano-graphite were prepared through powder metallurgy technology. The microstructure and friction...
Authors: Bo Wei, Bing Shi Li, Hong Ding, Yuan Gao
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:Using a long alkyl-polyamine triethylene-tetramine as structure-directing agent, FeZSM-35 zeolites were synthesized and characterized by XRD,...
Authors: Zi Hao Zhao, Xiao Jing Xu, Hai Zhou, Xin Dong Zhu, Cheng Cheng, Zhen Dan Fei
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:The severe plastic deformation (SPD) procedure designated continuous confined strip shearing (CCSS/C2S2) technique based on rolling, equal...
Authors: Xiao Lan Hu, Wen Hao Wang, Rong Lu Yu, Gang Liu, Teng Fei Lu
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:Multi-walled carbon nanobutes (MWNTs) reinforced epoxy resin nanocomposites were fabricated by functionalizing the MWNTs with amino group....
Authors: Xiao Zhan Yang, Bing Wang, Zhen Sheng Li, Wen Lin Feng
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:In this work, the composite nanofibers of polybutylene terephthalate/polyethylene glycol (PEG/PBT) with difference intrinsic viscosity and...
Authors: Cheng Long Wang, Qing Liang Zeng, Guang Yu Zhou, Wen Ming Zhao
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:Basing on the analysis of Mine Hoist working condition, Research on fault diagnosis system for Mine Hoist was introduced, including detailed...
Authors: Xi Li, Dan Feng Feng
Micro/Nano Materials
Abstract:Maintain the thermal stability of the machine tool is a common problem to achieve intelligent and precise processing control, and its...
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