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Authors: Chong Wei Li, Guo Guang Cheng, Ai Min Cui
Iron and Steel
Abstract:Through the mathematical model of RH vacuum decarburization, the decarburization mechanism of argon gas bubble surface was studied. By the RH...
Authors: Yong Chen, Jian Hua Zeng, Min Zhang, Hong Pan
Iron and Steel
Abstract:Nozzle blockage is easy to take place in continuous casting process when producing 38CrMoAl steel due to high content of aluminum...
Authors: Qiang Jian Gao, Guo Wei, Lin Mu, Gang Du, Feng Man Shen
Iron and Steel
Abstract:As a raw material, Indonesia vanadium-titanium sinters are being applied to the blast furnace process for iron making in the typical iron and...
Authors: Zhan Ying Liu, Jin Chen, Yu Qian Wang
Iron and Steel
Abstract:This paper is written to discuss the Gleeble simulation experiment of micro-carbon steel rolled in ferrite region. By measuring the...
Authors: Zheng Fan, Wen Hong Li, Dong Li, Cun Ju Liu, Yu Luo, Lin Li, Jing Sun
Iron and Steel
Abstract:The ability of IMC-80BH corrosion inhibitor is proven to be excellent in earlier indoor static and flowing evaluation and it is worthwhile to...
Authors: Xian Zhong Zhang, Gui Feng Zhou, Qing Feng Chen, Yu Zhang Xiong
Iron and Steel
Abstract:The effect of cooling rates after finish rolling on microstructure and properties of high strength medium carbon microalloyed steels used for...
Authors: Yong Chen, Tian Ming Chen, Xin Hua Wang, Jun Chen
Iron and Steel
Abstract:In order to make nonmetallic inclusions with low melting point and improve the fatigue resistance of gear steel, thermodynamic analysis on...
Authors: Shu Hui Zhang, Zhi Qiang Kang, Qing Lü, Jie Li, Xiao Jie Liu
Iron and Steel
Abstract:Electroconductive Si3N4–TiN ceramic was fabricated by pressureless sintering from the chief materials containing high...
Authors: Chao Chen, Guo Guang Cheng, Hai Kuo Yang, Zi Bing Hou
Iron and Steel
Abstract:Physical modeling using a 1:3 scale model was carried out to study the fluid flow characteristics in a delta shaped, four-strand continuous...
Authors: Xi Tang, Zhi Dong Xiang, H. Pan, Ze Xi Yuan, Run Wu, X. Chen
Iron and Steel
Abstract:This study was carried out to determine the minimum Al content needed to form an Al2O3 scale on creep resistant...
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