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Authors: Ching Wen Lou, Jin Jia Hu, Chao Tsang Lu, Chao Chiung Huang, Ming Yuan Sie, Jia Horng Lin
New Functional Materials
Abstract:The skin is the largest organ in the body composed of the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue through the latter it is integrated with...
Authors: Zong Min Tian, Xu Xiang, Zhi Wei Li, Feng Li
New Functional Materials
Abstract:We have synthesized layered Ni(OH)2 via a facile liquid-phase precipitation method. NiO with a micro/nano-structure was obtained...
Authors: Ching Wen Lou, Jin Jia Hu, Chao Tsang Lu, Chao Chiung Huang, Ming Sheng Huang, Jia Horng Lin
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Biodegradable materials have gained more and more attention, especially in biomedical fields. Because of their degradability, biomedical...
Authors: Jia Horng Lin, An Pang Chen, Jan Yi Lin, Ting An Lin, Ching Wen Lou
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Rapid technical advancement threatens the earth ecology, driving people by degrees to develop green energy and green products....
Authors: Ching Wen Lou, Ching Wen Lin, Chao Chiung Huang, Shih Yu Huang, Ping Jung Chan, Jia Horng Lin
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Apparel textiles in service will adsorb metabolism perspiration from human body, thus prompting microbial propagation and leading to fiber...
Authors: Jian Ru Shi, Shao Jing Pei, Jiang Hong Cui, Jian Fei Chen, Li Wang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:In this thesis, the new process will proposed which using diamond profile boring to boring 8-shaped hole in intermediate stainless steel...
Authors: Hong Wang, Xi Yang He, Ying Wang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:The flower-like α-Fe2O3 superstructures were fabricated by a novel hydrothermal route and sequential annealing at 600...
Authors: Jin Huang, Li Juan Fu, Li Rong Zhong
New Functional Materials
Abstract:A magneto-rheological (MR) fan clutch is a device that transmits torque by the shear stress of the MR fluids. In this paper, the torque...
Authors: Kai Tao Xiao, Jia Zheng Li, Hua Quan Yang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:The strength, ultimate tensile value, compressive elastic modulus and drying shrinkage of polyvinyl alcohol fiber reinforced concrete were...
Authors: Yu Xiang Guo, Dian Li Qu, Yan Fen Sun, Sheng Xin Zhang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Using corundum particles and fine powder, α-Al2O3 powder, silicon powder, aluminum powder and some additives as raw materials,...
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