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Authors: Yu Fen Wang, Lan Jian Nie, Zai Kui Xiang, Xue Fu Song
New Functional Materials
Abstract:High purity low hydroxyl synthetic fused silica glass was prepared by electric melting synthetic crystallized silica powders which were made...
Authors: Li Fang Zhang, Cui Zhi Dong, Hui Fang Zhang, Xiao Yan Wang, Shu Long Ma
New Functional Materials
Abstract:With zirconium oxychloride, aluminium sulphate and titanium oxysulphate as the basic raw materials, zirconia-aluminum titanate nano-composite...
Authors: Siti Rudhziah, Salmiah Ibrahim, Mohamed Nor Sabirin
New Functional Materials
Abstract:In this study, composite polymer electrolytes were prepared by addition of titanium oxide, TiO2 nanofiller into polyvinylidene...
Authors: Wen Yue Du, Qin Shuai, Li Wei Yang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:The volatilization behavior of Seleenium in coal / coal char was studied by determining the concentration of Se with AFS at...
Authors: Cui Zhi Dong, Li Fang Zhang, Xiao Yan Wang, Ming Xi Zhang, Zhi Min Cui, Qing Jun Zhang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Because of the good photoelectric learning properties and chemical properties, CdTe nanocrystalline as an important Ⅱ-Ⅵ clan semiconductor...
Authors: Yan Li, Yong Zhang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Opto-eletrical stabilization/tracking device has the need to improve its accuracy due to the wide use in the field of observation,...
Authors: Xi Ping Gao, Ke Yong Tang, Yu Qing Zhang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:The mechanical properties, swelling, solubility, and optical properties of composite films with poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) and gelatin were...
Authors: Jing Wang, Ru Zhi Wang, Li Chun Xu, Hui Yan
New Functional Materials
Abstract:To improve the solar energy conversion of GaN for photocatalytic, the band gap of GaN should be tailored to match with visible light...
Authors: Yan Wei Li, Jin Huan Yao, Sheng Kui Zhong, Ji Qiong Jiang, Xiao Xi Huang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:The electron transport behavior of a short graphene nanoribbon sandwiched between two gold(111) electrodes is investigated using density...
Authors: Ying Liu, Ying Ying Zhang, Tian Yu Yang, Wei Lu He
New Functional Materials
Abstract:The calcination process of titanium silicalite zeolite TS-1, which was prepared by hydrothermal method, was investigated using TG-DTA, XRD,...
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