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Authors: Sen Wang, Zhi Hui Li, Xin Liu, Huan Zhang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Influence of Nd2O3 on structure and dielectric property of zirconia barium titanate has been investigated by means of...
Authors: Jin Song Chen
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Jet electrodeposition orientated by rapid fabrication were introduced , The nanocrystalline nickel parts were fabricated using jet...
Authors: Norazlin Zainal, Razali Idris, Mohamed Nor Sabirin
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Ionic liquid based on imidazolium cation; 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide (EMITFSI) has been incorporated with...
Authors: Ye Fei, Shu Yang Cong, Bin Bian
New Functional Materials
Abstract:According to the features of heavy horizontal directional drill hydraulic system, power head hydraulic system which is the main working...
Authors: Xin Xin Cao, Jun Gang Gao, Lei Yang Hu, Xin Dai, Xiao Fang He, Ya Hui Dai
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Fly ash/LLDPE composite material was obtained by using the molten blending. The melting, crystallization and thermal degradation of fly...
Authors: Feng Qin, Zhuang Bin He, Qiong Nian Huang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:This paper describes the calculation analysis of joint open, and the research has been carried up on Portland cement concrete pavement and...
Authors: Jin Zhu Xue, Chao Huo, Jia Yuan Shen, Qing Hua Xia, Xiang Wei Cheng
New Functional Materials
Abstract:The effects of ultrasonic and Baumé degree of Ca(OH)2 suspension on the size of nano-CaCO3 prepared by carbonization...
Authors: Yi Wei, Fu Wang, Wen Bin Cao
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Nanometer-sized β-SiC were synthesized by carbothermal reduction of silica sol with acetylene carbon black at 1600 °C for 2h. Three kinds...
Authors: Gum Sung Ryu, Su Tae Kang, Jung Jun Park, Kyung Taek Koh, Sung Wook Kim
New Functional Materials
Abstract:This intends to examine the flexural behavioral characteristics of hybrid UHPC using a mix of steel fibers with different lengths. Three...
Authors: Yan Yan Lu, Hua Li, Bo Kai Ng, Chen Xin Chen, Hong Mei Kang, Li Jiang, He Zhou Liu
New Functional Materials
Abstract:In this paper, electron beam radiation technology was applied to the preparation of MMT/MWNTs/epoxy nano-composites. The influences of the...
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