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Authors: Hui Gai Wang, Yan Pei Song, Fei Wang, Zun Jie Wei
New Functional Materials
Abstract:With the reaction between titanium (Ti) sponge, high purity aluminum (Al) and TiC/Al inter-alloy, non-consumable arc melting technique has...
Authors: Xiao Hui Wang, Hui Ding
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Using microwave-assisted solid-state method, a series of zinc oxide-modified mesoporous SBA-15 materials were synthesized. The...
Authors: Li Wang, De Qin Meng, Chun Yan Zhuang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Nano-silica sol with average particle size of 20-30nm has been prepared by the hydrolyzation method of elemental silicon powder with addition...
Authors: Feng Liu, Rong Yi Lin, Zhi Wang, Jie Liang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Barium carbonate (BaCO3) crystals with different morphologies were synthesized using BaCl2·2H2O by a...
Authors: Xiao Wang, Yu Bin Wang, Liu Shuan Yang, Xiao Fei Wang, Jia Kuan Yang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Stabilization effect of sodium phosphate on crystalline phase and crystal shape of hemihydrate calcium sulfate whiskers was investigated....
Authors: Wen Shi Ma, Jun Wen Zhou, Xiao Dan Lin
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Graphene oxide was prepared through Hummers' method,then different reduced graphenes were prepared via reduction of graphene oxide with...
Authors: Yuan Dong Liu, Yi Hui Yin, Ying Chun Lu
New Functional Materials
Abstract:In order to study the comparison of material design, structure design and integrated design about the porous material, a concurrent topology...
Authors: Chao Huo, Jia Yuan Shen, Qing Hua Xia
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Ground calcium carbonate (GCC) is usually of smooth/flat surface and pointed edges angles which have disadvantageous effects on the...
Authors: Bao Zhong Liu, Yan Ping Fan, Bao Qing Zhang, Zhi Zhang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Icosahedral quasicrystalline phase (I-phase) formed in a number of Ti-based alloys, and that the I-phase was well ordered and...
Authors: Guang Hui Wang, Xue Chen, Chuan Zhen Wang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Based on the actual conditions during industrial production, this paper proposes an improvement method and solution to the typical grinding...
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