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Authors: Guang Yuan Ren, Quan Shui Chen, Ju Gong Zheng
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Bentonite has been regarded as buffer material for high-level radioactive waste (HLW) disposal all over the world, plenty of decay heat...
Authors: Yan Jin Shi, Yan Feng
New Functional Materials
Abstract:With the development of industry, water pollution is increasingly severe. The research and development of oil-absorbing materials plays an...
Authors: Xue Min Yan, Yuan Zhu Mi, Lin Xiong
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis (SHS) was used to prepare complex oxide La0.7Sr0.3MnO3, which is...
Authors: Wen Xia Wang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:The mechanical and tribological behaviors of the carbon/carbon (C/C) composites were evaluated by three-point bending and sliding wear tests....
Authors: Jun Cheng Yang, Yong Guo, Lei Lei Luo, Fei Kong, Sheng Chu, Ying Wang, Zhi Gang Zou
New Functional Materials
Abstract:In this article, we synthesized a porphyran-like complex composed of iron chloride and carbon nitride polymer (CNP) as a new photocatalyst...
Authors: Li Cong Wang, Yu Shan Zhang, Yu Qi Wang, Dong Mei Cao, Xi Ping Huang, Yuan Liu
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Magnesium borate (Mg2B2O5) whisker was successfully synthesized by high temperature flux method using...
Authors: Guo Tao, You Hui Xu, Gang Yang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:The novel bis(2, 4-dihydro-2H-3-(4-N-maleimido) phenyl-1, 3-benzoxazine)isopropane (BMIPBI) was synthesized from maleic anhydride,...
Authors: Bao Guo Ma, Jun Wang, Yuan Yuan Wu, Wen Yang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Phase change material (PCM) can absorb or release a large quantity of latent heat when it changes phase from solid state to liquid state or...
Authors: Yi Xiong, Cheng Hong Zhang, Cheng Guang Zhang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:This paper introduces material nonlinear finite element method and the establishment of finite element equation and realizes accurate...
Authors: Yan Han, Hong Cheng Guan, Zhen Li
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Through experimental study on three HRB400 steel bar reinforced concrete columns subjected to low cyclic reversed loading, the failure...
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