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Authors: Yuan Ming Song, Bo Wang, Hui Zhong Xu, Zhi Juan Wang
Building Materials
Abstract:The destructive expansion of CFBC ash is the bottleneck problem for its utilization in building materials. The addition of chemical...
Authors: Liang Fan, Xiao Jin Song, Yu Zhen Zhang
Building Materials
Abstract:This report mainly evaluated the pavement performance of natural asphalt from Albania. Firstly, base asphalts were processed with natural...
Authors: Lai Rong Xiao, Xi Min Zhang, Yan Wang, Wei Li, Quan Sheng Sun, Zhan Ji Geng
Building Materials
Abstract:In the present work, Zn-1.0Cu-0.2Ti alloy was prepared by melt casting and extruding processes. High temperature creep property of the alloy...
Authors: Yan Yan Huang, Kai Fu Liu, Yi Jun Zhu, Xin Yu Xie, Xiang Ru Yang
Building Materials
Abstract:Numerical simulation is a good method for studying some academic problems in the engineering. Laboratory triaxial tests of composite soil...
Authors: Chao Lung Hwang, Chun Tsun Chen, Hsiu Lung Huang, Sheng Szu Peng, Le Anh Tuan Bui, Yuan Yi Yan
Building Materials
Abstract:This study is mainly focused on the design and application of pervious concrete material to pavement and growing plant. The test results...
Authors: Lin Nu Lu, Shu Mei Yu, Yong Jia He, Shu Guang Hu
Building Materials
Abstract:Investigation on the continuous dehydration process of calcium silicate hydrate with C/S 1.5 during heating in the air was carried out....
Authors: Hyung Won Shin, Hyo Soo Lee, Seung Boo Jung
Building Materials
Abstract:Light Emitting Diode (LED) has been already familiar that is used as lighting sources of general electronic devices and various displays. LED...
Authors: Sasan Parniani, Mohd Warid Hussin, Farnoud Rahimi Mansour
Building Materials
Abstract:Recent consideration has been given to use of GGBFS as separate cementitious material mixed along with Portland cement in production of...
Authors: Zhen Hua Wu, Jian Yi Yuan
Building Materials
Abstract:Subgrade diseases are exposed more and more serious with raising speed of existing railway in wide range. Dynamic numerical simulation had...
Authors: Man Soon Yoon, Neamul Hayet Khansur, Woong Jae Lee, Young Geun Lee, Soon Chul Ur
Building Materials
Abstract:The effect of AgSbO3 on the piezoelectric properties of...
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