Applications of Engineering Materials

Volumes 287-290

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: De Qing Chu, Yun Na Dong, Zhi Ri Yu, Liang Ci Su, Li Min Wang

Abstract: The different types of nanometer crystal manganese dioxides was prepared by hydrothermal method, and was characterized by scanning electron...

Authors: Jia Hornag Lin, Yu Tien Huang, Chin Mei Lin, Yi Chang Yang, Ching Wen Lou

Abstract: The scientific progress has improved human life quality, meanwhile today's high-stress lifestyle has resulted in a rising demand for health...

Authors: Zhen Ting Wu, Shun Jiang Li

Abstract: In order to increase the designing precision and study the main factors influencing the stability of metal elastic-jumping membrane, a set...

Authors: Ke Jie Tan, Ke Ke Zhang, Shu Qin Liang, Wai Hoong Kan, Subodh G Mhaisalkar, Christian Kloc

Abstract: The electronic properties of organic field effect transistors limit the efficiency of integrated circuits build on basis of printed organic...

Authors: Ji Wei Cai, Zheng Hang Lü, Guang Liang Gao, Ji Xu Wu

Abstract: In production of manufactured fine aggregate (MFA) from magnetite mill tailings (MT), the micro fines (particles smaller than 75 microns)...

Authors: Hong Bo Zhu, Pei Ming Wang, Ji Dong Zhang

Abstract: Forming progress of hydration productions CH are analyzed in this paper by ways of SEMs of hardened cement paste with or without ground...

Authors: Ying Wang, Ping Li

Abstract: The corrosion behavior of reinforcing steel bar HPB235 in concrete structure in 0.5% NaCl solution was investigated and its mechanical...

Authors: Jian Xue Song, Chuan Li Chang, Hai Rong Yang

Abstract: Four kinds of fiber reinforced asphalt mixture formula are made, i.e., non fiber, polyester fiber, polyacrylonitrile fiber and the compound...

Authors: Wen Hua Yuan, Qin Yong Ma, Peng Bo Cui

Abstract: In order to research the expansive deformation performance of shrinkage-compensating steel fiber reinforced shotcrete, orthogonal test was...

Authors: Hui Zhong Xu, Yuan Ming Song, Bo Wang

Abstract: The effect of anhydrite on the hydration of CFBC ash-clinker-water system was investigated by ettringite content, chemically combined water...


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