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Authors: Xiao Chen, Yan Yu Hu, Zhen Zhen Guo, Ri Yao Chen, Xi Zheng, Zhen Chen
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Based on the actual conditions during industrial production, this paper proposes an improvement method and solution to the typical grinding...
Authors: Mao Lin Zhang, Yuan Gao, Long Feng Li
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Ca-Mg-Al hydrotalcite-like compounds (CaMgAl-HTLcs) were synthesized by a hydrothermal method, and characterized by X-ray powder diffraction...
Authors: Jie Hong, Hong Wang, Yan Hong Ma, Yi Feng Li
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Durability of a combined rotor bearing support with Metal Rubber(MR) material under dynamic loadings was tested in order to provide the...
Authors: Xu Wei Hu, Lu Hai Li, Sheng Min Zhao, Xian Leng
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Antenna of RFID tag is used to spread frequency signals and build wireless connection between the tag and reader. High cost, low production...
Authors: Shui Jing Gao, Wen Li Zhang, Gui Qin Hou
New Functional Materials
Abstract:This paper studied the preparation of TiO2 whisker with melt phase-splitting method, which used tataniferous blast-furnance as the...
Authors: Li Gang Lin
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Radiation grafted poly(methyl methacrylate)-graft-polyimide membranes were prepared for thiophene/hydrocarbon separation. The effects of...
Authors: Li Hua Luo, Qi Ming Feng, Wei Qing Wang, Bo Lian Zhang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:A series of Fe3O4/rectorite composite were prepared with chemical coprecipitation method by adding magnetic...
Authors: Bing Liu, Xin Mei Li, Yao Ning Sun, Liu Xiang, Chun Yao Wang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Effects of different impact angles such as 45°and 90°on the erosion-abrasion properties of Al-Mn alloy and its composites reinforced with...
Authors: Chun Lin Xia, Yang Fang Wu, Qian Qian Lu
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Using domestic MFSP membrane as a medium of energy conversion, a kind of MFSP actuator was designed. The dedicated test equipment was...
Authors: Su Hua Lv, Shu Lang Guo, Hua Ji
New Functional Materials
Abstract:SBT Ferroelectric Materials are prepared by solid reaction sintering process after doping V2O5 to SBT bulk and its...
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