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Authors: Li Peng Zhang, Xian Jin Yu, Zhi Wei Ge, Yun Hui Dong, Dang Gang Li
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Ca3Co4O9 and Ca3-xLaxCo4O9 powders were prepared by sol-gel process. The...
Authors: Gui E Lu, Jin Yong Jiang, Wen Ping Chang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:171 propellant is a new type of energetic material, extensive research indicates that the traditional methods evaluating the stability of...
Authors: Qin Zhang, Yin Kui Liang, Wen Xia Yu, Qiang Zhang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:According to cargo flow, the strength of the logistics supply need could be predicted. Improving predicting accuracy can provide a scientific...
Authors: Guo Rong Duan, Xin Wang, Guo Hong Huang, Ying Gong
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Comb-shaped hyper-branched polycarboxylate admixture polymers, both the water-reducing-type JS and slump-retaining-type BT, were prepared,...
Authors: Geng Wu Liu
New Functional Materials
Abstract:As we know , the materials will swell and contract when it is heated or cooled . A kind of method for mastery the real contractive rate of...
Authors: Ying Yi Zhang, Yun Gang Li, Jin Chen, Ying Tian
New Functional Materials
Abstract:By summarizing the research and development status in recent years, this thesis especially introduces the preparation method and enhancement...
Authors: Zi Li Liu, Gui Bin Zhou, Ping Shen, Xi Qin Liu, Huai Tao Wang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Mg-1.5%Zr-x%Cd alloys (x=0, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, mass%) were prepared by PM (powder metallurgy) technology, and the microstructure, mechanical...
Authors: Zhuo Fei Song, Qiang Song Wang, Zi Dong Wang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Comprehensive study is performed for the one-dimensional phononic crystals with locally resonant structures mechanism and Bragg scattering...
Authors: Mei Tian, Xiao Zhi He, Dan Shu Yao, Bao Hong Ding, Bao Yan Zhang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:In the present work, a ester of glucose (a) with 4-(4-(ethoxybenzoyloxy) phenoxy) -6-oxohexanoic acid side–arms has been synthesized....
Authors: Xian Liang Zhou, Duo Sheng Li, Ai Hua Zou, Xiao Zhen Hua, Zhi Guo Ye, Qing Jun Chen
New Functional Materials
Abstract:SiCp/Al composites were fabricated by ceramic mold freedom infiltration and pressureless infiltration, respectively. The microstructure and...
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