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Authors: Qiong Zhou, Yin Chun Hu, Xiang Nan Sun, Yong Ji Weng
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) are functionalized with ethylenediamine by chemical cut and grafting process. CNTs/nylon-6 (PA6) composite is...
Authors: Wan Li Bi
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Magnesia-alumina spinel-corundum composite was prepared with waste slide plate and waste magnesia carbon brick. The magnesia-alumina...
Authors: Tso Liang Teng, Cho Chung Liang, Chien Jong Shih, Manh Trung Nguyen
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Traffic accidents are the worldwide problem. Based on many reports in the word, the front parts of vehicle is the most likely to strike at...
Authors: Guo Qin Duan, Xiao Dong Zang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Building a simulation network of road based on VISSIM and road planning of Guangzhou bio-island. According to the field data and statistic...
Authors: Ji Wei Fan, Zhen Guo Zhang, Xiao Peng Li, Xiang Yang Liu, Tian Li
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Bi2O3 is an important additive in the composition of ZnO varistors. However, the effect of Bi2O3...
Authors: Li Qun Cheng, Guang Cheng, Rui Dong, Xi Yan Zhang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Yb3+and Er3+ co-doped BaF2 phosphors were prepared by high temperature solid reaction method. Effects of mol...
Authors: Qiong Zhou, Yin Chun Hu, Yu Liang Ma, Yong Ji Weng
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Magnetic nickel nanoparticles are prepared by NaBH4 reducing agent in AOT reverse microemulsion, the influence of water content on...
Authors: Hao Ren, Juan Wang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:A technical condition for the reaction of preparing superabsorbent is investigated. The results indicates that reaction temperature is 30 °C,...
Authors: Shao Gong Ju, Xin Gui Tang, Jun Bo Wu, Yan Ping Jiang, Qiu Xiang Liu
New Functional Materials
Abstract:In this work, effect of low sintering temperature and time on the new lead-free perovskite...
Authors: Zuo Fen Luo
New Functional Materials
Abstract:The finite element software was applied to simulate the splitting test of asphalt mixture, and the computational formula of resilient modulus...
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