Applications of Engineering Materials

Volumes 287-290

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Guo Ren, Jian Su, Zhi Long Zhao, Chang Hui Ai

Abstract: The effect of the pulse electric discharging (PED) on the solidification structure of pure aluminum during the directional solidification...

Authors: Min Shen, Wen Liang Wang, Rui Xu, Jing Wei Tong, Hong Xia Li

Abstract: The orthotropic mechanical behaviors of weft-knitted flax fiber fabric reinforced polypropylene (PP) composites, which were produced by hot...

Authors: Adam Grajcar, Roman Kuziak

Abstract: Two 0.17C-3Mn-1.5Al-0.2Si-0.2Mo steels with and without Nb microaddition were melted in a vacuum induction furnace. The steels are...

Authors: Xiao Ying Yin, Xiang Hong Xu, Yi Fan Jiang, Yong Ming Luo, Ling Ying Luo

Abstract: To prepare molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) with good recognition properties,the effect on the MIPs adsorption performance were...

Authors: Young Rang Uhm, Chang Kyu Rhee, Sergei Sokovnin, M.E Balezin

Abstract: Nano metal Ag nanoparticles were synthesized by pulse electron beam (e-beam) irradiation at room temperature and the atmospheric pressure....

Authors: Shou Qiu Tang, Ji Xue Zhou, Yuan Sheng Yang, Chang Wen Tian

Abstract: The microstructure and tensile properties at room temperature of as-cast, solution-treated and aged samples of a Mg-5Sn-4Al (wt%) alloy are...

Authors: Huai Qing Huang, Jin Ling Liu, Bao Fu Han, Shu Kun Xu

Abstract: CdTe/CdS/ZnS core-shell-shell (CSS) quantum dots (QDs) were synthesized in aqueous solution via water-bathing combined hydrothermal method...

Authors: Xi Rong Bao, Lin Chen, Ya Peng Guo

Abstract: The effect of deformation conditions on dynamic recrystallization of U75V、RE-Ⅱwas studied by high temperature compression tests on...

Authors: Chia Chin Chiang

Abstract: The curing monitoring of the polymeric composite materials has attracted wide interests recently. In order to improve the performance of...

Authors: Yuan Li, Guo Jin Feng, Li Zhao

Abstract: The surface microstructured silicon prepared by femtosecond laser pulses irradiation in SF6 shows significantly enhanced light...


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