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Authors: Hong Lei Shen
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Compared to the common hot runner molding,the valve gate control sequential molding has the advantages in the control of (injection and...
Authors: Shui Jing Gao, Wen Li Zhang, Gui Qin Hou
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Melt Phase-splitting[1] method was a new one of preparing supported nano-photocatalytic materials.The nano TiO2 prepared loaded to...
Authors: Xiao Lu Wang, Yu Chuan Zhu, Qing Feng Cheng, Yue Song Li, Hong Xiang Xu
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Nozzle-flapper type electro-hydraulic servo valve operated by torque motor has been widely used in industrial applications. As their...
Authors: Ying Mo Hu, Jing Bian, Xue Yang, Qing Ling Wang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:The surface modification of the tourmaline powder with lauroyl chloride was studied in this paper, and discussed the influence of reaction...
Authors: Wei Chen, Chao Jun Xiao, Zhi Jian Xu, Xian Ning Jiang, Kai Fu Zhou, Ai Ping Zhu, Qi Li
New Functional Materials
Abstract:The environmental protection water-based grafted whole propyl epoxy resin latex(AOW-201) as a basic raw material of the interface penetrant,...
Authors: Zhan Shen Zheng, Rui Jiao Li, Pei Qi Yan, Rong Yang, Peng Li
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Superhydrophobic film was fabricated mainly by ethyl silicate (TEOS) and ethanol (EtOH) using sol-gel method. SiO2 gel and samples...
Authors: Shih Ween Yong, Hartini Khairi Osman, Pei Wen Koh, Siew Ling Lee
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Nanocrystalline bismuth titanate materials were synthesized via hot injection method for the first time. Bismuth nitrate and titanium...
Authors: Jun Quan Chen, Dong Wang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Applied mechanical stress has a strong influence on magnetic properties of material. The aim of this paper is to discuss key technology of...
Authors: J Tang, Hong Yan Zhang, Z.Q Ma
New Functional Materials
Abstract:To obtain an ultralow surface reflectance and reach broadband antireflection effects,in this paper, silicon nanowires (SiNWs) layer has been...
Authors: Xiao Xia Sun, Ying Chun Li, Xi Mei Liu, Xiao Xiao Zhuang, Ya Zhou Lou
New Functional Materials
Abstract:A mide, simple and efficient synthetic procedure for the preparation of 2,7-dibromo-2′,3′,6′,7′-tetra(2-methylbutyloxy)spirobifluorene and...
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