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Authors: Qing Lian Xie, Guo Hua Huang, Yin Song Pan, Lu Ji, Hong Wei Yue, Xin Jie Zhao, Lan Fang, Shao Lin Yan
New Functional Materials
Abstract:The preparation and superconductivity of Tl-2212 films grown on CeO2-buffered MgO substrates were investigated. AFM showed that...
Authors: Guo Zhi Xie, Xiao Long Song, Bao Shan Zhang, Dong Ming Tang, Jiang Wei Chen, Qing Bian, Huai Xian Lu
New Functional Materials
Abstract:The effect of the quenched speed on the microstructure and electromagnetic properties of melt spun...
Authors: Hai Qing Hu, Li Zhao, Jia Qiang Liu, Shi Bao Wen, Yong Jiang Gu, Yuan Ke Zhang, Hai Tao Wang, Ling Yan Zhang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Carbon fiber powder (CFP) instead of the traditional glass fiber (cloth) was used to reinforce epoxy resin for rapid tooling. There are two...
Authors: Dao Yuan Yang, Kai Zhu, Juan Wu, Guang Hui Wei, Jing Wei Liu
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Cordierite material was prepared by talc, bauxite and kaolin, and the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of cordierite crystals could be...
Authors: Dao Yuan Yang, Hui Yu Yuan, Fen Ling Qian, Guang Hui Wei, Kai Zhu, Juan Wu, Jing Wei Liu
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Using Al, MgO and Al2O3 as raw materials, Al2O3-MgAlON composite was synthesized in N2...
Authors: Sheng Jie Liu, Yan Min Zhang, Ke Xing Song, Jian Xin Gao, Xiao Jun Zhang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:T-tube is widely used in aeronautics and astronautics, pipeline, petrochemical, light industry, automobile, life supplies and so on. The...
Authors: Yong Qiang Zhou, Yi Guang Tian, He Shan Ying
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Long afterglow luminescent materials Sr2-xCaxMgSi2O7:Eu2+,Dy3+...
Authors: Zheng Xin Yang, Qing Kai Han
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Based on the elastic theory of anisotropic materials multilayers, using the finite element method, the dynamic characteristics are...
Authors: Li Li Ding, Jin Hu, Bi Xin Guo
New Functional Materials
Abstract:The cause of cracks after brush-plating on the main speed reducer of helicopter was analyzed and the ameliorative measures by shot-peening...
Authors: Li Feng Sun, Hong Po Wang, Mao Fa Jiang, Qi Zeng Lin, Chun Lai Liu, Yong Zou
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Effects of TiO2 on crystalline phase of mold fluxes were studied by the mineral phase microscope and the XRD. The results showed...
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