Applications of Engineering Materials

Volumes 287-290

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zheng Tao Duan, Yan Mei Li, Fu Xian Zhu

Abstract: The effects of direct quenching and tempering (DQ-T) process and conventional reheat quenching and tempering (RQ-T) processes on the...

Authors: Lu Chen, He Tao Hou, Guo Qiang Li

Abstract: Sandwich composite panel is a new developed building material applied in steel residential houses, but the theory and experiment of this...

Authors: Xiao Qiang Dong, Guo Hui Yang, Xiao Hong Bai, Yong Kang Lv

Abstract: As an important and mature technology of researching material properties, ac impedance spectroscopy has successfully applied in many...

Authors: Zhi Hong Lian, Shi Lan Wang, Li Fei Tian, Wei Qing Ge

Abstract: All Samples of alkaline-earth silicon oxynitride glasses were synthesized by conventional high-temperature melting reaction. The infrared...

Authors: Hui Fang Zhang, Hong Liang Huang, Li Fang Zhang, Na Zheng, Fei Zhao

Abstract: The use of magnesia-chrome refractories of the cement kiln can generate harmful hexavalent chromium in the environment and be hazardous to...

Authors: Wei Feng Ying, Ye Sun, Zhi Guo Luo, Zong Shu Zou

Abstract: Pre-reduction shaft furnace is a typical gas solid countercurrent reactor, in which complex transport phenomenon exists between gas-solid...

Authors: Guo Sheng Wu, Yu Tao Wang

Abstract: Rolling friction and abrasion test of high NiCr indefinite chilled iron roll material was developed on Arms Abrasion Tester made in Japan....

Authors: Tao Liu, Rong Fa Chen, Yi Pan, Xian Liang Zhang, Liang Gang Dai

Abstract: After heat treatment, 60Si2Mn spring steel liner failed before installation. Considering the actual production process, detail analysis of...

Authors: Sheng Li Li, Xin Gang Ai, Ning Wang, Nan Lv

Abstract: A water model of 1/4 linear scale for 210t RH has been established. RH circulation flow rate is measured by a velocimeter. The influences of...

Authors: Li Yun Pan, Yong Li, Feng Lan Li

Abstract: Experiments were conducted to study fly ash concrete (FAC) attacked by sulphuric acid. The cubes with dimensions of 100 mm were cast and...


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