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Authors: Qing Ye, Zhi Wei Song, Guo Rong Yu
Building Materials
Abstract:Based on accelerated carbonation test, the variation of carbonation resistance of pumping concrete (C40 grade) with moist-curing time at...
Authors: Zai Bo Li, San Yin Zhao, Xu Guang Zhao, Tu Sheng He
Building Materials
Abstract:To realize the industrial application of online reconstruction technique of steel slag, a pilot-scale reconstruction research of steel slag...
Authors: Su Ju Hao, Wu Feng Jiang, Yu Zhu Zhang, Bing Liu
Building Materials
Abstract:Coking wastewater comprising a lot of ammonia is a good desulfurizer for recycling. Sintering flue gas is characterized by large volume, low...
Authors: Kyung Taek Koh, Gum Sung Ryu, Si Hwan Kim, Jang Hwa Lee
Building Materials
Abstract:This paper examines the effects of the mixture ratio of fly ash/slag, the type of alkaline activators and curing conditions on the...
Authors: Ji Wei Cai, Guang Liang Gao, Rui Ying Bai, Li Xue Yu, Shao Jun Wang
Building Materials
Abstract:The magnesium slag is discarded from production of magnesium metal from dolomite. However the magnesium slag is slaked in some factories by...
Authors: Yu Jiao Chang, Biao Ma, Fang Qin, Xuan Lv
Building Materials
Abstract:Concrete interlocking block pavement is characterized of preferred durability, easy construction and maintenance and low construction cost....
Authors: Xue Feng Zhang, Ye Ma, Chun Xia Song
Building Materials
Abstract:High performance polymer mortar and the high strength prestressed steel wire characteristics are researched and analysised in this paper....
Authors: Hong Wei Song, Shan Yu Zhao
Building Materials
Abstract:This research investigates the mechanical property of the concrete which were mixed with chemical admixtures and treated by magnetic field....
Authors: Yu Shi Ding, Ying Li, Yi Zhang, Chang Zhen Wang
Building Materials
Abstract:CaZr0.9In0.1O3-α and BaCe0.85Y0.15O3-α two kinds of solid electrolytes were...
Authors: Wen Lan Zhao, Li Xin Liu, Tong Hao
Building Materials
Abstract:This paper concerns the use of recycled fine concrete and clay brick aggregates to respectively globally replace natural fine aggregates...
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