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Authors: Mei Guang Fan, Shuang Ping Lin, Qiao Fei Chen, Shao Kui Deng, Ju Xing Yang, Ben Rong Sun
Building Materials
Authors: Guang Yang Fu, Xiao Peng Tang, Qun Liu, Yong Su, Ning Ning Yang
Building Materials
Abstract:By means of magnetron sputtering, the Fe-Y coatings containing 15.4%, 20.7% and 32.7% Y (atom fraction), were deposited on stainless steels....
Authors: Zhi Xue Liu, Ju Qiang Cheng
Building Materials
Abstract:The microstructure and properties and wear resistant of carbide free bainitic casting steel were studied by using of OM, TEM, XRD, impact...
Authors: Xue Gang Ma, Rong Li Sang, Yuan Liang Li, Yi Shen
Building Materials
Abstract:The microphotograph, size distribution and chemical composition of second phase particles in Q195 steel were characterizated using SEM and...
Authors: Hsien Sheng Peng, How Ji Chen, Chao Wei Tang, Yu Ping Chen
Building Materials
Abstract:Structural lightweight aggregate concrete (LWAC) members have demonstrated greater fire endurance periods than equivalent thickness members...
Authors: Xing Ling Tian, Ming Tian Zheng, Qing Lin Ma, Zhi Lin Li
Building Materials
Abstract:The ageing of copper foils and Copper foils-surfaced in UV rays are studied by 3D Video, SEM, EDX, which shows that copper foils and Copper...
Authors: Xue Xia Xu, Jie Ouyang, Yan Ting Feng, Xiao Guang Niu
Building Materials
Abstract:The effect of improper heat treatment progress on the structure and properties of P91 steel was studied. Results showed that under aircooling...
Authors: Jian Cheng An, Lin Jun Wang, Yun Sheng Feng
Building Materials
Abstract:The Bauxite-based Homogenized Grog (BHG) was industrial producted using bauxite with about 70 wt.% Al2O3 as starting...
Authors: Guo Gang Qiao, Da Jun Yuan, Dao Gang Wang, Quan Hua Wang
Building Materials
Abstract:The type and properties of the grouting materials contribute great impact on the grouting effect. The new grout with hydrated lime, fly ash,...
Authors: Ai Ping Yu, Hai Bo Lu, Yan Lin Zhao, Ke Yu Wei
Building Materials
Abstract:In this paper, concrete was analyzed as a composite consisting of coarse aggregate, mortar matrix and interfacial transition zone (ITZ)....
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