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Authors: Zhu Ding, Zhan Xi Lu, Yuan Li
Building Materials
Abstract:Phosphate based binders are high early strength materials with a short setting time. Usually, they are used as rapid repair material for...
Authors: Wen Bo Zhang, Isamu Yoshitake, Tadashi Saitoh
Building Materials
Abstract:To propose a prediction formula of compressive strength of concretes containing fly ash (FA concrete), over 1600 strength data are collected...
Authors: Jie Sun
Building Materials
Abstract:Fiber reinforced concrete is a commonly used special concrete. As enhancing the tensile and compressive strength and improving the durability...
Authors: Da Wei Sun, Guo Dong Zhang, Kang Ping Wang, Hui Qin Yao
Building Materials
Abstract:Since no super high CFRD with dam height more than 233m been ever built in the world, more problems of 270m high CFRD are still to be...
Authors: Ping Gong
Building Materials
Abstract:The energy consumption of concrete is considered as the research object,and the life cycle theory is applied in the energy consumption...
Authors: Can Shou Chen, Peng Xian Fan, Wen Pei Li
Building Materials
Abstract:In order to investigate the progressive failure process of brittle rock, the mechanical properties of red sandstone from southeast Shandong...
Authors: Shun Yu Su, Jian Chen
Building Materials
Abstract:Heat conduction in anisotropic materials is quite different from that in isotropic materials. Heat flux vector is commonly not perpendicular...
Authors: Su Juan Li
Building Materials
Abstract:In this paper, preloaded specimen is used and confined by CFRP to act as structural concrete member in service. And the test to examine the...
Authors: Lan Fang Zhang, Rui Yan Wang
Building Materials
Abstract:The aim of this paper is to study the influence of lithium-slag and fly ash on the workability , setting time and compressive strength of...
Authors: Fa Qi Yu, Na Sun, Chao Deng, Jin Zhang, Mei Shan Pei
Building Materials
Abstract:Super-absorbent polymer (SAP) was used as a self-curing admixture for cement-based materials. Two types of super-absorbent polymer and effect...
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