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Authors: Wei Huang, Qin Yong Ma
Building Materials
Abstract:Due to the easy cracking of shotcrete, shrinkage-compensating shotcrete is researched and its micro-structure and strength properties are...
Authors: Jun Ouyang, Da Quan Sun
Building Materials
Abstract:on the analysis of the ageing kinetics model, ageing kinetics equation has been established on the basis of complex modulus. Rheological...
Authors: Jin Song Lei, Yin Sheng Zou, Zhao Qiang Zhang
Building Materials
Abstract:Nip type flexible a-Si solar cells for application in building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) were deposited by plasma enhanced chemical...
Authors: Zheng Jun Wang, Xiao Ou Jin, Dian Min Sun, Felix Zhao
Building Materials
Abstract:In order to estimate late strength of high performance concrete on based of early strength, so which can realize shorting time cycle of...
Authors: Ai Jun Chen, Jia Sheng Zhang, Hong Bo Zou
Building Materials
Abstract:The means of current experimental study on expansive soil dilatancy primarily count on triaxial apparatus and compression apparatus. The...
Authors: Xiao Jun Li
Building Materials
Abstract:Compression-tension test and direct shear test are used to evaluate the shear behavior of remolded loess under different water content and...
Authors: Yong Jia He, Lin Nu Lu, Shu Guang Hu
Building Materials
Abstract:Compound binding material was prepared by the alkali activation of metakaolin and ground granulated blast furnace slag. Hydration product...
Authors: Yong Huan Ren, Chun Wei Yang, Bo Rong Wu, Cun Zhong Zhang, Shi Chen, Feng Wu
New Energy Materials
Abstract:In order to overcome the limitation of Li-ion batteries at low temperature, series of electrolytes are prepared. Specially,FEC is chose to...
Authors: Zhi Guo Ye, Xian Liang Zhou, Hui Min Meng, Xiao Zhen Hua, Ying Hu Dong, Ai Hua Zou
New Energy Materials
Abstract:Nanostructured elements, including: manganese-molybdenum (Mn-Mo) oxide, manganese-molybdenum-tungsten (Mn-Mo-W) oxide,...
Authors: Li Zhen Wang, Kun Wang, Yong Zhang, Lin Sen Zhang, Kai Qing Zhang, Yan Juan Han
New Energy Materials
Abstract:The LiMnPO4 cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries were synthesized by microwave processing combined with precursor...
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