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Authors: Yu Shiang Wu, Tzuo Shing Yeh, Yuan Haun Lee
New Energy Materials
Abstract:Unburned carbon is an industrial waste product of oil-fired fly ash. Recycled ground unburned carbon with an average particle size of 5 μm...
Authors: Yan Lin, Jian Bo Wu, Ai Jiao Xu, Jin Yong Xu
New Energy Materials
Abstract:LiFePO4/C was synthesized from a gel precursor with ferric iron and an organic chelating agent as carbon source. Reductive...
Authors: Ning Li, Bo Rong Wu, Cun Zhong Zhang, Chun Wei Yang, Feng Wu
New Energy Materials
Abstract:The Mn-Cl co-doped LiFePO4 was succefully synthetized by two-step solid-state reaction. After doping, the Lattice constants...
Authors: Xiu Juan Qin, Guang Jie Shao, Hong Lian Wu
New Energy Materials
Abstract:LiFePO4/C cathode material with different carbon sources was synthesized by using a two-step carbothermal reduction method. The...
Authors: Hao Ma, Zheng Guang Zou, Yi Wu, Fei Long, Hui Jiang Yu, Chun Yan Xie
New Energy Materials
Abstract:Pyrite nano-powder was synthetized in a high-pressure solvothermal process in the ethanediol solvent, with...
Authors: Hao Ren, Jie Li, Yu Fen Zhang, Tai Zhong Huang
New Energy Materials
Abstract:The aqueous solution polymerization methods were used for the synthesis of superabsorbent resin. The effects of different experimental...
Authors: Hui Yang, Lu Lu Zhang, Chuang Wang
New Energy Materials
Abstract:To enhance the mechanical strength of hydroxyapatite (HAP), a nano-HAP/β-sheet fibroin (nano-HAP/SF) composite was synthesized by...
Authors: Ling Ling Liu, Li Xu, Juan Xie, Lei Ding, Jin Li Qiao, Guang Li
New Energy Materials
Abstract:A new type of chemically cross-linked polymer blend membranes consisting of poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) and quaterized hydroxyethylcellulose...
Authors: Jie Hong Lei, Zheng Zhou Yan, Hao Duan, Yun Juan Zhang
New Energy Materials
Abstract:In this paper, the crystal structure and hydrogen storage properties of the sodium hydride at different x value...
Authors: Qing Dong Chen, Jun Ping Wang, Yu Xiang Zhang
New Energy Materials
Abstract:Porous silicon were prepared by electrochemical corrosion. Undoped and boron doped silicon films were deposited on quartz substrate、porous...
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