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Authors: Shan Dong Li, Feng Xu, Ming Liu, Yi Hu, Jian Peng Wu, Xin Le Cai, Jie Qiu, Jian Hua Lin, Jenq Gong Duh
New Energy Materials
Abstract:The effect of non-ferromagnetic Cr interlayer on the high-frequency ferromagnetic properties (HFFMPs) was investigated by use of FeCoTa/Cr/...
Authors: Ying Lin Yan, Yun Hua Xu, Juan Wang, Zhen Xing Luan
New Energy Materials
Abstract:Eu3+ -doped GdVO4 powders have been synthesized via a novel hydrothermal method using commercially available...
Authors: Heng Zhu, Xiao Yan Lin, Xue Gang Luo, Ying Li
New Energy Materials
Abstract:Aminoalky cellulose is a white, solid cellulose derivative, which could be used adsorbent in order to remove TNT, heavy metal and dyes due to...
Authors: Jian Feng Ju, Dong Hui Wu, Yu Jun Shi
New Energy Materials
Abstract:The PtRu-SiO2-TiO2/C anode electrocatalyst ( loading 10wt% PtRu ) of direct methanol fuel cell is prepared by the...
Authors: Ying Chen, Bao Hui Wang, Xue Sun, Hui Li
New Energy Materials
Abstract:Rare earth modified SO2-4/ZrO2 solid acid catalysts were prepared by coprecipitation and impregnation methods...
Authors: Qing Ye, Jun Jie Hao, Zhi Meng Guo
New Energy Materials
Abstract:Carbon-coated lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4/C) powders were synthesized by a simple hydrothermal method and incipient wetness...
Authors: Ling Jia, Bei Qing Huang, Xian Fu Wei, Na Feng
New Energy Materials
Abstract:Water-based ink in low-energy surface wetting more difficult and hinder its application. In order to solve water ink in low-energy on the...
Authors: Juo Chen Chen, Wen Yen Tseng, I Hsiang Tseng, Mei Hui Tsai
New Energy Materials
Abstract:Colorless alicyclic polyimides (ALPIs) were synthesized from an alicyclic dianhydride, bicyclo[2.2.2]oct-7-ene-2,3,5,6-tetracarboxylic...
Authors: Ming Shan Yang, Lin Kai Li
New Energy Materials
Abstract:The modification process of recycled melamine-formaldehyde(MF) plastic on polypropylene(PP) has been studied, and the optimal compounding...
Authors: Zi Feng Ni, Guo Mei Chen
New Energy Materials
Abstract:Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) was prepared by thermal compression molding method and was irradiated by gamma rays at dose...
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