Applications of Engineering Materials

Volumes 287-290

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Cheng Wu Li, Gang Li, Ji Cheng Zuo

Abstract: A series of novel polyethylene glycol derivates was synthesized by esterification of chloroacetic acid with polyethylene glycol.The PEG-5-FU...

Authors: Mihaela Sica, Camelia Draghici, Anca Duta, Carmen Teodosiu

Abstract: Nitrite removal from municipal wastewater is mandatory considering the treated wastewater reuse. Removal on an anion exchanger leads to...

Authors: Wen Jie Luo, Si Dong Li, Shuang Quan Liao, Lin Fang, Zhi Fen Wang

Abstract: The characterization of the aging behavior of raw natural rubber (NR) coagulated by microorganisms (NR-m) was performed on a rubber...

Authors: Kui Xian Wei, Wen Hui Ma, Yang Zhou, Ke Qiang Xie, Bin Yang, Da Chun Liu, Yong Nian Dai

Abstract: Vacuum evaporation is usually utilized to remove volatile impurities in metallurgical grade silicon to prepare solar grade silicon by...

Authors: Xiao Cun Liu, Yan Ju Ji, Gang Fu, Feng Xiang Wang, Ying Chen, Zhao Peng Sun

Abstract: The structures of tris(8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum (Alq3) and its difluorinated derivatives were optimized for the ground state at the...

Authors: Xiao Juan Lai, Yi Ding Shen, Lei Wang

Abstract: Waterborne polyurethane emulsions were synthesized with isophorone diisocyanate(IPDI), dihydromethyl propionic acid(DMPA) and...

Authors: Yi He, You Ru Du, Xiao Bo Liu

Abstract: Biodegradable aliphatic polyesteramides were synthesized from ε-caprolactone and 6-aminocaproic acid by melt-polycondensation method. FTIR,...

Authors: Ahmad Zulkifli

Abstract: Crystal structure of an aromatic polysulfones containing biphenylene units was elucidated using diffraction simulation technique extracted...

Authors: Zhen Jie Wang, Yong Qiang Niu, Jun Lin Du, Nai Xin Xu, Zhu Wu

Abstract: A ternary Li-Mg-B alloy (64%Li, 4%Mg and 32%B, all compositions are reported as weight percent in this paper) foil was prepared and its...

Authors: Yong Jiang, Wen Hui Ma, Kui Xian Wei, Yang Zhou, Xiang Yang Mei, Bin Yang, Yong Nian Dai

Abstract: We used high-purity multicrystalline silicon prepared by metallurgical method for the study of directional solidification. The optical...


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