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Authors: P. C Chang, C. L Yu, Y. W Jahn, S. J Chang, K. H Lee
New Energy Materials
Abstract:InxGa1-xN epilayers have been grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) at different temperatures between...
Authors: Lin Yan Jia, Zhong Bao Shao, Yan Wen Tian
New Energy Materials
Abstract:The pure phase red phosphor yttrium borate doped with Eu3+ was prepared by a new solid state reaction named high temperature ball...
Authors: Jai Houng Leu
New Energy Materials
Abstract:For self-manufacture of biodiesel, the purchase cost of the feedstock is around the 70% manufacture cost, so, three kinds of the feedstock...
Authors: Rui Zhang, Xiao Jia Duan, Quan Gui Guo, Bei Zhou, Xi Miao Liu, Ming Lin Jin, Li Cheng Ling
New Energy Materials
Abstract:High surface area activated carbon (AC) obtained by KOH activation of petroleum coke was leached by HCl aqueous solution and the effects of...
Authors: Heng Wang, Qing Chang, Jian Peng Shi
New Energy Materials
Abstract:The precursors of LiFePO4 were prepared by a sol-gel method using lithium acetate dehyd- rate, phosphoric acid, ferrous sulfate,...
Authors: Jin Min Peng, Min Feng Luo
New Energy Materials
Abstract:Water lubricated bearings differ from water lubricated bearings in its special choice of material. A novelty material developed with an aim...
Authors: Tai Hong Cheng, Il Soo Kim, Soon Young Park, Zhen Zhe Li, Yun De Shen
New Energy Materials
Abstract:The paper describes a structural stability analysis of fiber reinforced 10kW composite laminate wind turbine blades by using finite element...
Authors: Hai Xia Wang, Ping Zhan Si, Wei Jiang, Jin Jun Liu, Jung Goo Lee, C.J. Choi, Hong Liang Ge
New Energy Materials
Abstract:Novel nano-composite powders composed of hard-magnetic Mn54Al46 and soft-magnetic α-Fe were prepared by high-energy...
Authors: Yun Long Fan, Wan Quan Zhang, Liu Yang, Dong Lin Hu, Li Xin Zhu, Chen Jiang Liu
New Energy Materials
Abstract:An environmentally benign process was developed for the production of biodiesel from cotton-seed oil using KF loaded with MgO as a...
Authors: Jiang Lei Lu, Guang Long Wang, Lian Feng Sun, Min Gao, Jian Hui Chen, Feng Qi Gao, Li Yuan Ma
New Energy Materials
Abstract:A novel self-powered device based on the aligned carbon nanotube arrays (CNTA) in multi-physics fields has been put forward in this paper....
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