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Authors: Maciej Gruszczyński
Building Materials
Abstract:In the paper there is presented the influence of different types of co-polymer dispersion additives onto the magnitude of shrinkage and...
Authors: Mei Li, Jia Hui Peng, Ting Jian Ning
Building Materials
Abstract:Influence factors of co-crystallized (lattice) P2O5 were investigated from the dihydrate process conditions and aimed...
Authors: Yun Xia Zhang, Jun Jie Hao, Jun Ting Qi
Building Materials
Abstract:In this paper, the effect of Nb2O5 on the microstructure and dielectric properties of BaTiO3-based ceramics...
Authors: Jun Hong Zhang
Building Materials
Abstract:In order to reduce the coke consumption of Blast Furnace(BF),a relevance analysis is carried out for operation parameters and fuel rate of...
Authors: Xiao Xin Feng, Xiu Juan Li, Qing Min Wei
Building Materials
Abstract:C-S-H gel was prepared by extracting from the hardened cement paste, and was immersed in Na2SO4 solution and...
Authors: Jing Hai Yu, Qiong Sun
Building Materials
Abstract:Based on the experimental investigation of quasi-static test of 6 pieces of the AAC block walls, the failure features of the AAC block wall...
Authors: Yan Yao, Hao Wu, Ling Wang
Building Materials
Abstract:Interfacial transition zone (ITZ) is the weakest part in concrete structure because of the interrelation between its special characters and...
Authors: Hong Chang Qu, Chang Qing Wu, Ling Ling Chen
Building Materials
Abstract:In this paper, different types of debonding failure modes are described. Study of concrete cracking behavior and interfacial debonding...
Authors: Li Xin Tan, Shao Long Huang, Ji Yu Han, Qing Jun Ding
Building Materials
Abstract:In this article, research on hydration mechanism of 50% Portland cement–50% fly ash(FA) systems has been carried out with TAM AIR Isothermal...
Authors: Zhan Ying Guo, Gang Zhao, Yue Liu, Ni Tian
Building Materials
Abstract:The number and size of the precipitation of spherical Al3Zr particles, in aluminium alloy containing trace of Zr which subjected...
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