Applications of Engineering Materials

Volumes 287-290

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Yan Ji, Xin Wei Ma, Yuan Yuan Xia

Abstract: Close packing of the fine particles is one of the core technologies of preparation of reactive powder concrete. This paper introduces the...

Authors: A. Baradeswaran, A. Elayaperumal

Abstract: This work investigates Al 6061 alloy with graphite particle impregnated metal matrix composites under dry sliding conditions. The...

Authors: Liu Sheng Li, Qin Cun Cao, Guo Hui Xu, Gui Hua Liao

Abstract: The effect of active alumina on the sintering behavior of andalusite powder was studied. The results revealed that the addition of active...

Authors: Xiao Wei Cheng, Yong Ma, Zao Yuan Li, Xiao Yang Guo

Abstract: Usually, marine carbonate gas reservoirs contain formation water with high content of CO2&H2S, It is difficult to...

Authors: Hong Zhu Quan

Abstract: This paper presents the results of experimental study on the effects of adhered mortar content on strengths and durability of concrete....

Authors: Jing Feng Hou, Dong Ming Guo, Hui Dong Xu, Zeng Kun Yang

Abstract: This paper presents results of impermeability and frost resistance tests of a series of high strength concrete which will be used in...

Authors: Feng Hu, Li Hong Han, Hang Wang, Yao Rong Feng, He Lin Li

Abstract: With the development of oil industry, the high strength-toughness drill pipe suited to the task of sour environment and ultra deep wells...

Authors: Jian Ning Guo, Shi Bin Ma, Lei Wang

Abstract: Lime fly-ash stabilized aggregate is the commonly material used as semi-rigid base course of pavement and the performance of pavement...

Authors: Jun Guang Zhang, Yong Jian Liu, Jian Yang, Kai Lei Xu

Abstract: For further study of mechanical properties of concrete-filled steel box columns (CFSBCs) with longitudinal stiffeners, axially loading tests...

Authors: Shao Wei Yao, Chang Rui Wang, Zhen Guo Gao

Abstract: According to the postulation on dense packing of aggregates, the paper discusses the dense packing method of various aggregates and its...


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