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Authors: Meng Ting Fan, Ming Yue Sun, Dian Zhong Li
Building Materials
Abstract:55NiCrMoV7 steel is extensively used as mould steel. However, how to obtain a product combined with both high strength and good toughness is...
Authors: Hong Qun Tang, Guang Cai Su, Wen Hong Su, Xiu Hai Zhang, Li Wei Sun
Building Materials
Abstract:The mechanical properties and microstructure of high boron alloy (HBA) with different content of boron and carbon were investigated using...
Authors: Hui Wang, Zhou Qing Zhao, Jian Zeng
Building Materials
Abstract:Aiming at the characteristics of pavement rutting damage of test road under the condition of heavy load and abrupt slope, an overlay design...
Authors: Qiao Zhu, Lin Hua Jiang, Jin Xia Xu
Building Materials
Abstract:In this article, some empirical and theoretical models accounting the relationship between the strength and pore structure of cement-based...
Authors: Si Guo Mu, Jiao Yan Dai, Yong Ru Wang, Guo Hui Chao, Xi Ping Hong, Yu Chang Su
Building Materials
Abstract:The microstructure of Cu-37%Zn-2%Mn-1.6%Al-0.7%Fe-0.7%Si (mass fraction)alloy was studied by scan electron microscopy, X-ray and optical...
Authors: Wei Jiang, Ping Zhan Si, Hai Xia Wang, Qiong Wu, Jin Jun Liu, Jung Goo Lee, C.J. Choi, Hong Liang Ge
Building Materials
Abstract:We report on a novel method for preparation of high purity Sm2Fe17 phase by removing the liquid impurity phase from the...
Authors: Ho Hua Chung, Chin Chuan Hsu
Building Materials
Abstract:In this study, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS) are used to measure the inclusion size and...
Authors: Shu Ying Yin, Li Jia Chen, Xin Wang
Building Materials
Abstract:In order to identify the influence of solid solution, aging and solid solution plus aging treatments on the low-cycle fatigue behavior of the...
Authors: Jian Wei Yue, Xin Sheng Sun, Lian Dong Li, Xiao Liang Huang
Building Materials
Abstract:In this paper, a new insulation system of polyurethane foam and moulding board with glazed-hollow-bead mortar is designed. According to the...
Authors: Xiao Yan Wang, Xiao Xin Feng, Cui Zhi Dong, Xin Rong Kan, Li Fang Zhang, Jie Han
Building Materials
Abstract:The influence of Al2O3 on alkali content in concrete pore solution was investigated, Al2O3 was...
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