Materials Processing Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 291-294

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yue Long, Yan Shi, Yun Bo Lei, Hong Wei Xing, Jie Li, Yu Zhu Zhang

Abstract: Reconstruction of high temperature melting compound steel slag-fly ash can be effectively digest f-CaO in steel slag. The experimental...

Authors: De Xin Zhang, Wei Guang An, Zuo Xiang Fan, Lei Liu

Abstract: In order to make the resistance underwater as small as possible, the shape of cavitator has been studied, and supercavitation resistance and...

Authors: Hong Li Wang, Jing Rui Tian, Yi Tai Ma, Xiu Juan Hou

Abstract: Based on thermodynamic principles, the coupled systems performance of the Rankine cycle and the transcritical CO2 compression...

Authors: Sen Wang, Xin Ping Li, An Long Zhang, Zhao Rong Wang

Abstract: In this paper, Cost-effectiveness of various straw pulp wastewater treatment technologies were compared in detail, moreover the separate and...

Authors: Guo Xia Wei, Han Qiao Liu, Shu Guang Zhang

Abstract: Solidification tests of MSWI fly ash (FA) with three types of cement including ordinary Portland cements (OPC), calcium sulfoaluminate...

Authors: Zhen Huang, Xiao Han Shi, Wei Juan Jiang, Jie Zhang

Abstract: Thermogravimetric behavior of sodium alginate with incorporation of zeolite 4A has been studied. The experiments were performed at air flow...

Authors: Kong Zhao Li, Cheng Hong Zhang, Cheng Guang Zhang

Abstract: Parameters optimization design of high-speed moving object is a very complex question. It involves many other subjects both in theoretical...

Authors: Ji Wei Cai, Qin Yan Cai, Ji Xu Wu, Zheng Hang Lü, Guang Liang Gao

Abstract: The demolished concretes have ever been considered as homogeneous materials and simply crushed to produce recycled aggregates which can only...

Authors: Shan Shan Liu, Gui Gan Fang, Yong Jun Deng, Qiang Wang

Abstract: The influence of operational variables in the Sulfonated Chemi-mechanical pulp (SCMP) of cotton stalk was studied, and the hydrogen peroxide...

Authors: Wen Xia Wang

Abstract: The present study establishes the relationships between the cutting conditions (cutting speed and feed rate) on trbological properties....


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