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Authors: Wen Yan, Yu Mei Huang, Feng Gao, Yao Liu
Precision Manufacturing Technology and Measurements
Abstract:A method of double-side displacement-rotation flat-lapping with solid abrasives is proposed and a CNC machine tool is developed in this...
Authors: Xiao Zong Song, Yong Zhang, Fei Hu Zhang
Precision Manufacturing Technology and Measurements
Abstract:In this paper, ultra-precision shaping and polishing experiments have been done to research the shaping and polishing characters of...
Authors: Wei Li, Ming Ming Ma, Bin Hu
Precision Manufacturing Technology and Measurements
Abstract:This paper introduced a polishing process for planarization of gallium nitride (GaN) wafer by polishing slurry that is made up by the...
Authors: Chun Gen Shen, Gui Cheng Wang, Shu Lin Wang, Gang Liu
Precision Manufacturing Technology and Measurements
Abstract:Due to particular structural design, the error of manufacturing and other factors, the tool system will have more or less residual imbalance....
Authors: Hao Yu Wang, Hong Xiao, Bo Wen Hou
Precision Manufacturing Technology and Measurements
Abstract:This paper focuses on the feasibility of the hanging-weight method in bridge deflection test of high speed rail. Firstly, it explains...
Authors: Wei Yang, Miao Ju Chen, Ying Liu, Feng Yao Jin
Waste Engineering and Management
Abstract:A simulation-based system dynamics (SD) model was developed for allocating the waste load and supporting river quality management. Panjin...
Authors: Kai Huang, Hai Ping Tang, Hong Li Guo
Waste Engineering and Management
Abstract:This paper introduced the idea of environmental carrying capacity (ECC) to the planning of watershed’s environmental-economic optimization....
Authors: Ai Min Ji, Hai Ying Li, Zi Qiang Li, Hong Ya Liu, Ying Gao
Waste Engineering and Management
Abstract:Pyrolysis oil derived from sewage sludge is considered as one of the substitute of crude in the world confronting energy shortage. Before the...
Authors: Li Jun Zheng, Guo Dong Zhang, Dian Li Qu, Feng Liu
Waste Engineering and Management
Abstract:The Al2O3-Cr2O3 slag as raw material was analyzed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The...
Authors: Lin Tian, Shu Jiang Chen, Xiao Ning Zhang, Guo Hua Li
Waste Engineering and Management
Abstract:Utilization of waste refractory material has attracted much attention due to the development of metallurgical industry and the requirements...
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