Materials Processing Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 291-294

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Feng Zhu, Hong Ye Liu, Peng Hui Shi, Jun Feng Wu, Yi Fei Guo

Abstract: Red mud has been used to develop effective adsorbents to remove phosphate from aqueous solution. The effects of different dosage, pH of...

Authors: Guo Jun Ma, Yi Biao Jin, Da Bin Yang

Abstract: In this study, production of Si-Al-Fe alloy with coal fly ash and bauxite as the major raw materials in the induction furnace at high...

Authors: Chang Ming Liu

Abstract: This article utilizes the synthetic analysis method to propose the proposition of excellent engineers’ quality training. Excellent engineers...

Authors: Yong Gang Lv, Yang Zou, Li Yang

Abstract: Uncertainties for thermal protection efficacy caused by deviations of the values of phase change materials (PCMs) properties (including...

Authors: Hou Bu Li, Qi Li, Mi Lin Yan

Abstract: Vicat softening temperature (VST) is one of the most important parameters to evaluate heat resistance of thermoplastic materials. However,...

Authors: Shou Fan Rong, Chuang Liu, Ji Wei Guo, Meng Xue Wang, Qin Lei Liu

Abstract: In the paper, we selected high manganese steel as the binder and titanium carbide as the hard phase, which could attain single austenite...

Authors: Wei Li, Da Feng Gao, Peng Nan Cao, Xin Jian Ding

Abstract: In order to study the inherent characteristics and aseismic characteristics of ancient Chinese structure, according to the reconstruction...

Authors: Zeng Hua Zhao, Jin Nan Chen

Abstract: Single polytetrafluoroethylene composites were prepared of cold compression molding and free sintering with various cooling conditions. The...

Authors: Yun Dian Zhang, Wei Wei Hong

Abstract: The author analyzes the problems existing in the traditional assembly system and puts forward a new method based on the motor control. This...

Authors: Xian Li Wang, Peng Hui Shi, Jun Feng Wu, Pan Min Zhu

Abstract: The paper expounded the impact of coal gangues on environment. Also it deals with the feasibility of making polymeric aluminum and ferric...


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