Materials Processing Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 291-294

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Liu Yang Song, Hua Qing Wang, Jia Pan, Jin Ji Gao, Ke Li

Abstract: This paper presents a condition diagnosis method for a roller bearing using the ant colony optimization (ACO). The symptom parameters in...

Authors: Guang Liang Zhao

Abstract: This paper takes marine Kingsbury sliding thrust bearing as the research object and conducts the finite element dynamic analysis with the...

Authors: Hao Cao, Jian Gang Yang, Wan Fu Zhang, Rui Guo

Abstract: This paper presents a new rotordynamic measurements conducted on a test rig for evaluation of multiple rings of labyrinth seals. Considering...

Authors: Shao Qun Zhang, Jun Hua, Wei Xu

Abstract: Through woodworking four-side planer vibration test, this article studies its dynamic characteristics and dynamic response to...

Authors: Yu Ying Qiu

Abstract: In this paper, the eco combination yarns of bamboo carbon fiber and cotton fiber which have the same yarn count are used to knit four...

Authors: Ying Long Li, Hua Ding, Fu Rong Cao

Abstract: The effects of high density ultrasonic field coupling on the microstructures and properties of Al-12Si alloy were investigated. It is shown...

Authors: Tong Hua Zhang, Min Guo, Xiong Yan

Abstract: An approach of multi-resolution correlation filtering was presented to identify the transient responses of acoustic emission (AE). Two...

Authors: Xiao Lun Liu, Song Ding, Wei Sun, Wen Cheng Wang, Jia Jun Liu, Bin Jiang

Abstract: In order to reduce the meshing noise of silent chain drive, a new concept of the chain (silent chain including silicon fluorine rubber link...

Authors: Hua Qing Wang, Yong Wei Guo, Jin Ji Gao, Feng Wang

Abstract: Bearing faults signal is very weak under a low rotating speed, and therefore fault diagnosis for bearings under a low rotating speed, is...

Authors: Zhi Jian Gou

Abstract: The vibration occurring in cutting process is a very harmful phenomenon, which destroys the surface finish and dimensional integrity of...


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