Materials Processing Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 291-294

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Xiang Li, Sheng Dun Zhao, Kunihiko Ishihara, Hu Shan Shi

Abstract: The expansion chamber mufflers compounding with the perforated panels are commonly used in the suppression of intermittent exhaust noise...

Authors: Mu Hui Fan, Yong Shu Jiao, Zong Xi Cai

Abstract: Based on the theory of elasticity and taken the casing-cement sheath as a totally contacted composite cylinder subjected to arbitrarily...

Authors: Yong Shu Jiao, Mu Hui Fan, Li Juan Li, Zong Xi Cai

Abstract: Based on the analytical solution for the stress field around an inclined borehole in an anisotropic medium, a computer program was developed...

Authors: Jian Zhi Yu, Yong Sheng Chen

Abstract: In order to guarantee the safe operation of train and improve the operation efficiency, a kind of failure-safety control strategy of system...

Authors: Song Rong Qian

Abstract: This paper is based on the gray model reliability theory that established system information incomplete state reliability comprehensive...

Authors: Jun Ru Yang, Li Li Zhang, Cheng Xin Zhang, Zhao Qian Li

Abstract: Based on failure mode analysis of the cermet cladding part, the last layer failure assumption is adopted and the method to establish...

Authors: Yang Hang Shi, Lu Zhang, De Hai Yu

Abstract: Based on the mechanism, influencing factors and their fuzziness of reinforced concrete (RC) cracking caused by corrosion of steel bars,...

Authors: Hua Cong, Guang Ping Wu, Fu Zhou Feng

Abstract: Reliability of equipment has long been considered as an important quality characteristic. But the reliability assessment of multi-parameter...

Authors: Jun Yao, Yan Fei Wu, Ming Ge Xu

Abstract: In view of the questions of high-speed aircraft withstanding complicated vibration environment, their vibration durability could not being...

Authors: Jan Racek, Eva Kalabisová, K Vaclavikova

Abstract: An investigation has been conducted into the time-dependent chemical degradation of rubber linings produced from Isobutylene-Isoprene Rubber...


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