Materials Processing Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 291-294

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Zhi Zhai, Jian Hua Yang, Yang Chen

Abstract: The size selection of cables is not only to avoid the excessive heating and the danger of fire, but also to insure the service and the...

Authors: Guo Nian Yao, Hai Ying Huang, Li Juan Wang

Abstract: In order to design the vibrator with the similar structure to military transport truck, which will be used in simulating transport...

Authors: Yun Dan Ren, Xiang Wang, Xiao Guang Rui

Abstract: Parting design, a classic work of strong experience and weak theory, has a direct impact on mold structure design and tooling. The method on...

Authors: Shi Ju Yan, Bin Ge

Abstract: For scattered data approximation with multilevel B-spline(MBS) method, accuracy could be enhanced by densifying control lattice....

Authors: Yong Kang Wu, Yuan Ying Qiu, Chun He Li, Ying Sheng

Abstract: In order to help the designers estimate the dynamic response of the aircraft hydraulic tubes in the working environment, a design and...

Authors: Hai Jian Ye, Ya Zhang

Abstract: The paper use UG to make parametric designs of the contour of the cam, which has the advantages of high precision, better design of using...

Authors: Hai Xia Bi, Shi Jie Li, Yan Rui Zhang

Abstract: The process simulation of virtual machining is the key technique in the CNC simulation system. So the paper talks about some useful...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Huang, Qin Li, Yong Tao Fan, Zhen Qiang Wei, Hai Yan Zhu

Abstract: Percussion drilling has been widely used in oil and gas industry, yet it still has some shortcomings, such as severe damages to drilling...

Authors: Gui Xiang Xu, Lian Guan Shen, Zhao Shu, Yuan Sun, Yuan Ji Pei

Abstract: Collinear load, coating with microwave-absorbing material, determined to linear accelerator (LINAC) to absorb the remnant power. It forms a...

Authors: Fang Qin, Le Le Zhang

Abstract: The carry-loading capacity of the airtight structure is important for high-speed trains. The load of air tightness has been analyzed and...


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