Materials Processing Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 291-294

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhe Xin, Shun Xi Wang, Ke Peng Zhang, Zhao Jing Li, Feng Yun

Abstract: In the research of flow and heat transfer of the diesel engine cooling system, the boundary condition determination was often a difficult...

Authors: Le Yi Dai, Jin Hong Zhu, Hong Xin Shi

Abstract: Welding power source is an important research content in the field of welding technology. It is of significance to organize the design...

Authors: Yun Qin He, Guo Zhu Liang, Xu Kun Shen

Abstract: This paper comes up with a new general-purpose approach to integrating algorithm modules in all kinds of CAD software applications. In...

Authors: Li Ping Wang, Dong Rong Liu, Er Jun Guo

Abstract: Application of spheroidal graphite cast iron in the production of spent-nuclear-fuel container contributes to improve the strength and...

Authors: Cheng Lin Liu, Ze Sun, Yun Zhao, Xing Fu Song, Gui Min Lu, Jian Guo Yu

Abstract: The electric field distribution was the main factor affecting on the current efficiency of electrolysis cell. So, the electric field...

Authors: Ling Ling, Wei Xin Ling

Abstract: In order to improve the retrieval speed and precision of images, the improved algorithm of extraction of image color features based on the...

Authors: De Yang Chen, Feng Yan Yi

Abstract: In this paper, based on some kind of Car as the prototype, by using the multi-body dynamic analysis software ADAMS, the author Uses...

Authors: Li Jiao Pan, Zi Tang Yu, Yong Ming He

Abstract: The application of computer simulation technology in engineering design and analysis fields can effectively reduce product production cost,...

Authors: Ming Hua Jiang

Abstract: This paper introduces the mobile phone services and association rules, and a data mining method Apriori Algorithm is introduced and uses it...

Authors: Qing Liang Zeng, Xi Wei Wang, Li Rong Wan, Zhi Hai Liu, Yuan Jun Wang

Abstract: The successful matchings of the coal face equipments can fully play the effect of complete sets of equipments and achieve high yields and...


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