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Authors: Fa Su
Product Design and Development
Abstract:The paper introduce that composing, principle and application example of a 3D Measuring system. It mainly applies technique of digital image...
Authors: Ke Xi Guo, Hua Zong, Ying Huang
Product Design and Development
Abstract:The concept of collaborative design and mobile crane designing are discussed, a method of concurrent engineering technique applied in mobile...
Authors: Rui Hu Li, Yue Ding Yuan, Hai Feng Chen, Yue Jin Yuan, Ming Ma
Product Design and Development
Abstract:This paper analyzed the dynamic state of the water ring, which is formed through the exothermic process of steam condensation, and its...
Authors: Bi Juan Luo, Yong Quan Li, Li Wang
Product Design and Development
Abstract:Human design is an inevitable trend and development in product design. To achieve the goal of human design, master's physiology, psychology,...
Authors: Ying Wei Zhou, Da Min Zhuang, Guo Ling Song, Xiao Ru Wanyan
Product Design and Development
Abstract:The humanity of coding design for human-machine display interface in the product design is studied by experimental method. During the...
Authors: Hong Yan Jin, Zhi Wei Zhu
Product Design and Development
Abstract:The form and structure of Mongolia yurts reflect the quantity relationship beauty, the function beauty and nature harmonious beauty. But in...
Authors: Yu Min He, Qiang Liu, Yun Lin, Xiao Long Zhang
Product Design and Development
Abstract:The vibration of the horizontally vibrating conveyor (HVC) is excited by a vibration generator with four shafts which have eccentric quality....
Authors: De Kui Xu, Fei Gao
Product Design and Development
Abstract:The outskirts oilfields of Daqing Oilfield have characteristics of deep volcanic reservoirs, compact and complex lithology, and low natural...
Authors: Juan Li, Hong Zhi Yang, Mei Han, Jin Chao Xu, Xiao Dong Li, Xiu Ting Han
Product Design and Development
Abstract:Daqing Oilfield has more than 10,000 million kilograms of oil through tertiary recovery every year. However, eccentric wear of sucker rod and...
Authors: Yong Xu
Product Design and Development
Abstract:The “integration” in mechatronics does not concern only the technology but it implies an integration of design methods as well. There is a...
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