Materials Processing Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 291-294

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wu Jiao Xu, Ke Wei Chen, Yong Feng Ding

Abstract: Structure strength and deformation of the preliminary hydraulic press design have been calculated by the finite element method, in which two...

Authors: Hui Wang, Ling Ma, Wei Ma

Abstract: In this study, the soakage extraction method and the ultrasonic extraction method were used to extract active ingredients from Artemisia...

Authors: Bao Lin Li, Jiang Peng Fan, Yan Zhang

Abstract: Engine bench scale test was performed to compare the existing flameproof diesel to the general diesel engine, monitor the change of power,...

Authors: Xiao Lu Liu, Ying Guo Chen, Ying Wu Chen

Abstract: Earth observation satellite system (EOSS) is the main space platform collecting ground information. Optimization of EOSS is difficult, as it...

Authors: Zhou Yang Li, Wen Tao Gu, Ming Jun Wang, Yan Ni Lei

Abstract: In order to improve the riveting precision, the finite element method and topological optimization design based on the variable density...

Authors: Yuan Yi Liu, Rui Guang Li, Kai Sun

Abstract: Based on the Reynolds time-averaged N-S equations and standard k-ε two-equation turbulent mode, using multiple reference model...

Authors: Xu Cheng Zhao, Yu Kui Wang, En Yong Hu

Abstract: This paper described how to apply the lag comparator of the two-state modulation circuit to the development of the current-controlled...

Authors: Jun Min Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, according to the base-adaptive detecting method of harmonic current for APF, there had contradiction between detecting...

Authors: Qing Hua Wu, Na Dai, Tao He

Abstract: A Circle-shape is an important figure in most small rule mechanical parts, and usually be measured to get the radius or used as a stand...

Authors: Ying Mei Zhang, Li Li Yao

Abstract: A set of integrative irrigation fuzzy control system is designed to the question of the north field crops irrigation in this paper. In this...


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