Materials Processing Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 291-294

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Li Peng, Juan Juan Tan, Wen Ni Zhang

Abstract: The origins and popular history and current status of platform shoes were introduced. The cycle and causes of its prevalence evolution were...

Authors: Jing Liu, Long Rong, Can Liu, Yong Hai Rong

Abstract: The conditions of cascade extraction and isolation of some active constituents from Siraitia grosvenorii were optimized. The active...

Authors: Jia Jun Si, Kuan Jun Zhu, Bin Liu, Yao Ding

Abstract: The dynamic analysis has been adopted for the calculation of the low-order natural frequency and harmonic response data of the steel tower...

Authors: Lu Yan Ju, Jian Jun Yang, Bao Ye Liu

Abstract: In order to optimize the multi-objective flexible job shop scheduling problem (FJSP) roundly, multi-objective mathematical model is...

Authors: Gang Jun Zhai, Yong Cheng, Wen Hua Wang, Yi Huang

Abstract: This paper expatiates hydrodynamic time-domain analysis on strategic oil storage vessels in free floating condition or with dolphin-fender...

Authors: Bing Wang, Zhao Bing Chen

Abstract: This paper introduced a kind of reflector mirror support structure of IRST system. The scanning reflector mirror support frame material is...

Authors: Pan Fengshan, Chun Ming Ye, Chao Jin, Ming Shun Kou

Abstract: The project management optimization for an important aspect of the scheduling scheme is reasonable to reduce costs, improve quality and...

Authors: Nan Yu, Guo Ying Li, Zi Qiang Huang

Abstract: Calculation of the LCD director and transmission based on the continuous elastic theory, difference iterative method, and the Berreman’s 4×4...

Authors: Ji Yong Wang, Lei Li, Shi Jun Song, Long Long Hao

Abstract: Tower cranes are made of steel structure, which account for more than half of their weights. Therefore, steel structre optimization of tower...

Authors: Yu Yu Zhou, Yun Qing Rao, Chao Yong Zhang, Guo Jun Zhang

Abstract: We address a two dimensional bin packing problem in this paper. Firstly, we adopt and improve bottom left placement method, which is...


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