Materials Processing Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 291-294

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jia Peng Leng, Wen Yi Liu, Su Hua Liu, San Min Shen

Abstract: Data Acquisition System Based-on TMS320F2812 can quickly and easily for analog-digital converting, arbitrarily switching to 16 analog input...

Authors: Jun Shao, Jun Hua Liu, Xue Guang Qiao, Zhen An Jia

Abstract: In order to increase the sensitivity, a new measuring method is proposed that two sensing fiber gratings change differentially modulated...

Authors: Xiao Ming Sheng

Abstract: This paper introduces digital control hydraulic variable pump based on mechatronic-hydraulic- air integration driven by compressed air. By...

Authors: Qin He Gao, Wen Liang Guan

Abstract: An adaptive predictive controller is proposed to solve the time-varying characteristics of the industrial process control system. The...

Authors: Wei Xia Zhan, Ji Wen Tan, Yan Wen

Abstract: In order to suppress the noise in the magnetic flux leakage, the algorithm considering signal correlation, in which an optimal predictor and...

Authors: Xiao Chun Tian, Jie Li, Yu Bao Fan, Xi Ning Yu, Jun Liu

Abstract: SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) is a full-duplex serial communication interface bus. Now, many devices adopt SPI. However, in many other...

Authors: Dao Xing An, Bao Guang Geng, Hong Song

Abstract: As the development of the coal producing, the flexible rubber transfer with long distance, high speed and power were used in most of the...

Authors: Feng Yan Yi, Cheng Ye Liu

Abstract: On the basis of analyzing the structure and working principle of MRF brake, braking torque calculation formula of two disc MRF brake is...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Yu Zhong Chen, Zhang Qi Song, Ming Ye Yang

Abstract: Digital open-loop fiber-optic gyroscope detection scheme based on sinusoidal phase modulation is introduced. A novel implementation of the...

Authors: Jin Mang Liu, Wan Hai Yang, Jin Long Yang, Yong Lan Liu

Abstract: Based on the geometric relationship of the tetrahedron, 3-R target location theorem and calculation principle are given, and analytical...


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