Materials Processing Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 291-294

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai An, Wei Guang An

Abstract: This paper proposed an approach to fatigue reliability analysis based on the hybrid model of probability and non-probability. Due to the...

Authors: Da Wei Li, Zhen Zhou Lu, Zhang Chun Tang

Abstract: An efficient numerical technique, namely the Local Monte Carlo Simulation method, is presented to assess the reliability sensitivity in this...

Authors: Li Hong Gao, Ge Ning Xu, Ping Yang

Abstract: The methods of the structural reliability mainly involve analytical approximate reliability index or numerical simulation, which using the...

Authors: Xian Zhao Xu, Hong Liang Lou, Xing Lin Li

Abstract: When sequential sampling method based on MTTF is applied to weibull distribution, shape parameter is considered to be fixed. But, shape...

Authors: Guo Min Lin, Li Xia Peng, Yu Feng Zhao

Abstract: The application of two representative laser surface treatments technologies which are laser shock processing technology and laser coating...

Authors: Ling Ling Zhang, Jian Xun Ma, Ling Zhang

Abstract: This paper mainly studied the durability of square-section columns wrapped with CFRP by experiments. Three kinds of columns, such as columns...

Authors: Yu Hong Xing, Rui Yuan Liu

Abstract: This paper investigates the maximum likelihood estimation of the average lifespan of products with the constraints, and the estimation of...

Authors: Jang Shyong You, Wen Fang Wu

Abstract: The purpose of the present study is to carry out failure analysis of a scooter’s continuously variable transmission (CVT) system that is...

Authors: Shang Yu Yang, Xiu Juan Yang, Xiang Zhen Yan, Gen Sheng Li

Abstract: The first excursion failure criterion was introduced to calculate the dynamic reliability of drill string elements. Considering the random...

Authors: Ya Bin Cao

Abstract: Class_A surface reconstruction is a key part in the design of automotive body external panel. Traditional methods of Class_A surface...


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