Materials Processing Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 291-294

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Hui Mo

Abstract: A general model of the optimum design of structural vibration with the random parameters is introduced. Dynamic optimization design of...

Authors: Ri Chang Lin, You Liang Ding, Ai Qun Li, Yang Deng

Abstract: This paper addresses the quantification of environmental variability of wavelet packet energy spectrum (WPES) extracted from the ambient...

Authors: Wei Dong Wu, Zeng Yang Li, Sheng Xiang Chen, Si Mei Liu

Abstract: Absorber is a key component of absorption refrigeration system, in which there is a complicated heat and mass transfer. To improve the...

Authors: Tao He, Xi Qun Lu, Yi Bin Guo

Abstract: An efficient method utilizing the concept of inverse heat conduction is presented for the thermal analysis of pistons based on application...

Authors: Dan Sun, Jian Gang Yang, Rui Guo, Hao Cao, Wan Fu Zhang

Abstract: The paper sets up an upwind local differential quadrature-Lagrange interpolation (DQ-Lagrange) method for solving the flow field in the...

Authors: Jun Ci Cao, Wei Li Li, Xiao Chen Zhang, Yi Huang Zhang

Abstract: A new kind of alloy (conductor for electric and magnetic), is proposed in this paper, which applied in induction motor rotor bars, and a...

Authors: Zhen Po Wang, Chun Lu, Peng Liu

Abstract: Keeping appropriate temperature of battery pack is crucial for EV/HEV’s safe operation and optimal performance. Existing literatures mainly...

Authors: Bin Zhao, Jun Hao Li, Jing Quan Shen, Guo Zhong Wang

Abstract: Boiler heat tube failure is a long-term technical problem plaguing the production of electricity. The research on how to prevent failure of...

Authors: Xi Nan Dang, Qiao Fu Chen, Li Jun Yang

Abstract: According to the vacuum bursting process for fresh chestnut shell and requirements for relevant vacuum system, a vacuum system of steam jet...

Authors: Li Hong Yang, Da Hua Liu

Abstract: Isothermal chamber, which is fabricated by empty chamber stuffed with thin metal wires, is a kind of test devices for flow rate...


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