Materials Processing Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 291-294

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Si Ming Wang, Hong Li Gao, Ming Heng Xu

Abstract: In order to investigate the effects of grease lubrication on fretting wear of ball bearings, a series of fretting wear tests were performed...

Authors: Ping Ouyang, Xian Ming Zhang

Abstract: (n-octylic acid)-N-quinazolin-4-one methylester was synthesized as potential lubricating oil additive. The friction and wear behaviors of...

Authors: Bo Peng, Li Qin Wang, Shou Xiao Fan, De Zhi Zheng, Le Gu

Abstract: A two-disk test rig researching surface damage and ultimate performance of rolling-sliding tribo-parts in extreme conditions is designed....

Authors: Jim S. Shiau

Abstract: In his "Contact Mechanics" book, Professor K. L. Johnson described an analytical lower bound shakedown approach to predict the shakedown...

Authors: Li Xu, Yue Liang Chen, Lin Yi, Hao Luo

Abstract: Fretting fatigue usually occurs in the structure of aeronautics and astronautics, and accelerates expansion of cracks about the surface of...

Authors: Hong Guo, Shao Lin Zhang, Shao Qi Cen

Abstract: For high speed hybrid journal bearing with deep/shallow pockets, film thickness and film Reynolds number vary considerably in different...

Authors: Yong Hui Wei, Yong Zhen Zhang, Yue Chen, San Ming Du

Abstract: The influence of DC steady magnetic field on dry-sliding Friction and wear characteristics of friction pair of high-speed steel (HSS) ring...

Authors: Chun Hua Hu, Jian Huang, Hai Shan Zhao, Shi Ning Ma, Yu Lin Qiao

Abstract: FeS solid lubrication duplex layer was prepared on the surface of 45 steel by ion nitrocarburizing-ion sulphurizing process. The sulphide...

Authors: Jun Zhang, Zi Wen Zhou, Jin Xv, Xiao Lu Ni

Abstract: The variable section influence on the vibration of a simple supported beam under the action of a moving constant concentrated force is...

Authors: Yan Mei Yang, Jian Yong Di, Li Ping Du

Abstract: A new methodology for understanding the construction of dodecahedral links has been developed on the basis of dodecahedron structure and DNA...


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