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Authors: Da Biao Zhao
Microwave Processing of Materials
Abstract:Graft copolymerization of acrylic acid(AA) on starch to prepare super absorbent resin (SAR) under microwave irradiation were investigated...
Authors: Wen Bo Zhang, Hong Rui Li, Jun Tao, Bing Bing Dong
Microwave Processing of Materials
Abstract:The research in this paper optimized the extraction technique of lentinan with ultrasonic assistant method on the basis of hot water...
Authors: Fu Quan Zhang, Yong Zhou Wang, Mei Chen, Mao Fang Huang
Microwave Processing of Materials
Abstract:Nature rubber (NR) is neither completely viscous nor elastic in nature, but viscoelastic in their properties. In the experiment, we used two...
Authors: Li Hua Zou, Kai Huang, Qi Sun, Li Yuan Wang
Microwave Processing of Materials
Abstract:In this paper, a hybrid control system of the energy dissipation and isolation of flexible pile(EDIPF) is proposed, the dynamic analysis...
Authors: Zhi Jun He, Hui Zhang, Yong Long Jin
Microwave Processing of Materials
Abstract:In the paper, the research on raising the grade of iron ore and dephosphorization for high-phosphorus oolitic hematite by coal-based...
Authors: Mirosław Bonek, Grzegorz Matula, Leszek Adam Dobrzański
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:The purpose of this research paper is focused on the high speed steel surface layers improvement properties using HPDL laser. The paper...
Authors: Sheng Yang, Xian Qing Wan
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:Using laser clads magnesium surface with Al-Si eutectic powder, analyzing the organization and composition of the cladding layer with...
Authors: Yi Gui Li, Jing Quan Liu, Chun Sheng Yang, Dan Nong He, Katsuhiko Tanaka, Susumu Sugiyama
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:The PZT is used for piezoelectric actuators that have high area efficiency but no good machinability. A direct writing micro structures on PZT...
Authors: Jian Wen Cai, Fei Meng, Ya Feng Zhang, Mei Feng Zhang, Xue Tao Pan
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:Two-photon three-dimensional optical data storage is an effective method for high capacity data storage. Based on DVD pick-up head and...
Authors: Min Feng Jiang, Xin Hua Song, Pin Li, Yang Hu, Kai Wang, Xiao Wang, Hui Xia Liu
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:Laser transmission joining of dissimilar and biocompatible materials has potential applications in biomedical implants. In this work, a...
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