Materials Processing Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 291-294

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ju Mei Zhao, Guo Qing Li, Yu Suo Wang, Qi Xin Yang, Dong Min Liu, Xiao Ping Ren

Abstract: The energy method was used to analysis the flexural property of acrylate waterproof membrane in local loads during the period of...

Authors: Sheng Wang Liu, Wei Fang Zhang, Qing Yun Tang

Abstract: This article describes an experimental setup to measure the TCC between interfaces of two contact solid materials. This apparatus consists...

Authors: Jian Jun Hu, Hong Bin Xu, Shi Hua Zu, Xiao Wang Gao

Abstract: For the bending fatigue under the random load condition, the Miner cumulative fatigue theory was analyzed qualitatively. Random amplitude...

Authors: Hong Wei Wang, Hong Yun Luo, Zhi Yuan Han, Qun Peng Zhong

Abstract: This study was focused on damage monitoring and estimation of 16Mn steel structures. This study used acoustic emission (AE) cusp catastrophe...

Authors: Cui Qin Wu, Wei Ping Wang, Qi Gang Yuan, Yan Jun Li, Wei Zhang, Xiang Dong Zhang

Abstract: To detect the delamination, disbond,inclusion defects of the glass fiber composite materials applied in the solid rocket motor, active...

Authors: Ying Na Zhao, Jia Chen Liu, Hai Xu, Wen Li Zhang

Abstract: Absorber-microwave material Al-Si alloy powder was used as interlayer to join the 95-Al2O3 ceramics. The behaviors...

Authors: Zhi Jun He, Yong Long Jin, Hui Zhang

Abstract: In the paper, the experimental research on dephosphorization and iron yield for high-phosphorus oolitic hematite by coal-based carbothermal...

Authors: Ao Tian Ju, Shu Ying Qu, Xing Min Hou, Jin Tian Wang

Abstract: The paper analyzes that hoop coefficients of the concrete-filled steel tube influence on dynamic response of the railway bridge height limit...

Authors: Zhi Jun He, Yong Long Jin, Qing Hai Pang

Abstract: There are many ways to increase the combustion rate of pulverized coal. In this paper, it is improve pulverized coal combustion rate by the...

Authors: Bo Lin Liang, Na Zhang, Min Jie Zhou

Abstract: Complex amino acid complexes of manganese ions were synthesized using the chelation technology under microwave irradiation. The influences...


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