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Authors: Ling Dong Meng, Qing Zhang, Zhi Jie Liang
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:In order to test whether there is the change of mechanics performance cleaned by ultrasonic and deruster, the experiments on mechanics...
Authors: Xiao Hang Wei, Peng Zhang
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:A series of parametric tests have been conducted to investigate the effect of curing period and cement content of the specimen on fracture...
Authors: Hao Zhu, Yang Zhang, Shen Wei Yu
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:The mechanics properties and fracture behaviors of 6061 aluminum alloy were investigated by the tensile shear tests and in-situ tensile shear...
Authors: Min Zhi Liu, Sheng Qiang, Bing Lei Wang, Zhan Qiang Zhen, Xiang Rong Wang
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:Pier concrete is vulnerable to cracking when using concrete rapid construction after long off period. In order to solve this problem, crack...
Authors: Jun Hang Guo, Riichi Murakami, Sheng Dun Zhao
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:In this paper, a new constitutive model for anisotropic material with isotropic damage is proposed by extending the Rousselier’s model. In...
Authors: Yun Lin, Yu Min He, Xiao Long Zhang
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:The second generation wavelet transform has shown the property of high flexibility in multiresolution analysis. Based on this powerful tool,...
Authors: Quang Cherng Hsu, Yan Chau Huang
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:Along with social progress, people pay attention to health. Modern people choose the gym to maintain posture and body functions well,...
Authors: Zi Ling Xie, Lin Zhu Sun, Fang Yang
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:A theoretical model is developed to account for the effects of strain rate and temperature on the deformation behavior of ultrafine-grained...
Authors: Yan Bing Du, Jing Tao Han, Yong Jun Zhang
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:Cold roll forming thin strip products occupy a rather large proportion of novel cold bending manufacturing. Conventional roller straightening...
Authors: Bao Wen Qiu, Ze Xi Yuan, Gui Feng Zhou
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:This study provides an engineering application of a continuum damage model to analyze the ductile tearing of axial surface cracks in X80...
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