Materials Processing Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 291-294

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Tao Lei, Ming Hua Zhang, Jian Kang Chen

Abstract: In order to detect the variation of electro-conductive property of polymeric composite under impact loading, a modified split Hopkinson...

Authors: Shun Sang Na, Guo Tao Zhang, Qian Xu, Jin Hua Gong

Abstract: Several chemical corrosives which show the microstructure of Cr13 stainless steel are prepared. The paper introduces their methods and...

Authors: Ming Liang Zhang, Yong Lu, Dong Gao

Abstract: Flux pinned effect (FPE) takes place in high-temperature superconductors (HTSC) when being cooled below critical temperature in magnetic...

Authors: Kang Yong

Abstract: Many factors result in pipe collapses under certain external pressure. The relations among them have been studied by the pipe collapse...

Authors: Nan Li, Yi Nan Wang, Hong Shan Nie, Hong Qi Yu, Hui Xu

Abstract: This paper presents the design method of a novel biomaterial impedance analyzer based on digital auto balancing bridge method. The system...

Authors: Li Huan Zhao, Fu Mei Wang

Abstract: Fabric non-iron pleat plasticity is a shaping element of garment. In order to better grasp the performance, its quantitative evaluation...

Authors: Zhi Gang Zhao, Fu Gui Liu, You Hua Wang

Abstract: Dual laminated core models for determining exciting power (or/and specific total iron loss) and over saturation characteristics occurred at...

Authors: Li Yong Zhang, Yu Kun Liang

Abstract: This paper introduces an approach of novel principle to measure the directional emissivity of material surfaces direct. The value of the...

Authors: Chuang Zhang, Su Zhen Liu, Qing Xin Yang, Liang Jin, Yu Huai Kan

Abstract: A new electromagnetically induced acoustic emission technique (EMAE) is presented in this paper. It does nondestructive detection with the...

Authors: Bing Feng, Shuang Hong Liu, Guo Xu Chen, Kun Wang, Pei Hua Shang

Abstract: Conduct simulative adsorption experiment with lubricating oil containing anticorrosion additive and axletree, measure the variation of which...


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