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Authors: Li Yu, Ming Fu Fu, Bin Tu
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:This article mainly introduced variational problem about stress-strain relationship of unloading fractured rock mass in the excavation. In...
Authors: Ying Shi Sun, Tian Min Guan, Xu Zhang
Mechanical Behavior & Fracture
Abstract:Pin-cycloid driven speed reducer with three cycloid gears adopts the new driving structure of three cycloid gears at eccentric angle of 120...
Authors: Bin Sheng Hu, Yong Liang Gui, Hua Lou Guo, Chun Yan Song
Material Design of Computer Aided
Abstract:The relation between chlorine and combustion process of pulverized coal in tuyere zone is affected by the existence form of chorine in coal....
Authors: Zi Shu Gao, Hua An, Li Lv, Li Chun Hou, Hui Han, Xiao Jing Wang
Material Design of Computer Aided
Abstract:The adsorption of CH4 onto the surfaces of perovskite-type catalysts ABO3 ( A=La, Ba; B=Zr, Co, Ce) was investigated by...
Authors: Ming Zhang, Jian Fei Yu, Shan Wu Yang, Xin Lai He
Material Design of Computer Aided
Abstract:Back propagation (BP) neural network model was established, using the corrosion data of five kinds of recently developed bainite weathering...
Authors: Ji Ping Zhang, Guang Wei Wang
Material Design of Computer Aided
Abstract:Flame deformation correction is the main means for correcting welding deformation of thin plate, and the temperature field simulation is an...
Authors: Han Wu Liu, Rui Hua Dong, Fan Feng
Material Design of Computer Aided
Abstract:According to the superiority performance, the applications of engineering plastics tend to be widely used day by day in the field of railway...
Authors: Gang Chen, Yu Chun Kuang, Xi Cheng Huang, Ai Min Xu
Material Design of Computer Aided
Abstract:The behaviour of geologic material such as granite under impact loading is involved in the study of safety requirements of structures in...
Authors: Chih Wei Su, Chao Heng Chien
Material Design of Computer Aided
Abstract:This paper proposed a novel device to draw blood from the finger. PDMS is used as an actuated pump, the device has an advantage in a precise...
Authors: Han Wu Liu, Zhao Hui Liu, Tian Xiang Chen
Material Design of Computer Aided
Abstract:As an outer covering of cooling aircraft engines, the air intake cover very much effects the aerodynamic performance of the aircraft under...
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